The Holonet is bursting with an activity between ideas on what should be done of the Sith Empire. The Imperial Sith have long been a standing force within the galaxy. Led for a large majority by one Darth Carnifex. While the throne has been abdicated and handed over as though it were a Monarchy to his next of kin, it pains me to see so many Jedi at war with one another.

I am one all for the idea of facing a foe when they least expect it. However, facing them when they squabble at one another like children? Some individuals from the Silver Jedi have allied with the Sith Imperials in the past. Many proclaim it is to be of an act against the Brynadul. Yet the New Imperial Order, and the Galactic Alliance are facing a war against the Sith Imperials. Thus, creating the conundrum of Silver Jedi, and the New Jedi Order to face off against one another. As a Sith, one who seeks to gain every advantage over my enemies, using all tools given to me by the force, my intellect, a Military force, or otherwise, I have to say, any attempt to fighting the Jedi right now? Would be the most advantageous, but strangest position I have ever been in all of my years.

Public messages of a "Black Knight" sent to the Galactic Alliance as though the thinly veiled threats of killing them for being "Fools," and "Snakes" only find it reminiscent of villains from Holovids. Calling the "Hero" a Fool instead of using a slur of some tongue. I do not understand where this person gets their controversial ideas. Every time I read of them, it only reminds me of some of the Sith I have come in contact with. Many Jedi seek power or strength in order to "protect the people" or "Protect the community." As it is within their code to do so. Many times I have gone over their creeds and religion. I know first hand their studies of such ideas. How they are peacekeepers of the galaxy from would be vague "evils." Yet, I find it quite... ironic, that many Jedi who fall to the dark side, becoming a sith, or just being a rogue force user, do so because of "good intentions" followed with "poor actions." Such as the very well known case of Darth Vader.

As a Jedi of history, he had dreams and visions of his wife and unborn child, in this case children, dying. So he sought power, he sought to do everything he could to create a secure established government and his "Empire" so that through the force, he could protect them. Yet, in the end, his wife still died. He had become the very thing he swore to destroy, because of good intentions being ruined by "poor actions." This dark "dragon" as many over the years have called it, swayed him to use the dark side to prevent death. In his pursuit of preventing the inevitable, he only forced it to happen. One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.

Same case could be said for this sad, poor individual who spouts their ideas without any form of a filter. They swore to protect people from the bryn, but are condemning those who are also attempting to fight some "Evil" that the Sith Empire is posing. Proven by many responses by the Jedi, that this individual has attacked other Jedi. To me, this individual is no longer a Jedi from the codes set forth by these respectable people.

I, the Dark Sovereign of Strength of the Warlords of the Sith, find the Jedi of the New Jedi Order, more respectable, than this individual who would kill their own for the sake of twisted ideas.

I have gone behind backs of many of my own Sith. I joined the Keepers of the Sith Code to fight the Sith Imperials. I sought to bring about an early end for my own allies so that their glory and trophies might be my own. Yet I see this individual as a stain upon the name of the Jedi who I have fought. I respect the Jedi as Warriors, Sages, and people who seek their own way in life. I respect those who make any attempt to become stronger. However, this individual, is not one of them.

If the Silver Jedi really are listening to the council of the Sith Empire, then I implore them to remove this person from their ranks. It will only make their own situation worse for a bigoted, hypocritical individual to be let loose like this. I do enjoy an unfair fight, but at the same time, I am not so low, as to attempt to fight a Child that would be the Jedi who seek the same ideas as this individual.

- Vora Kaar