War. A pastime of the strong and the survivors. History is typically written by the victors, but in rare cases, cracks are made. Those who lose, those who perish, write the stories in their blood. It is from this blood, that I find the near-idiocy that is the New Jedi Order and their recent public actions towards the Sith Empire. The Jedi are being chastised as if, they were children taking cookies from a jar on the highest shelf.

Killing Sith acolytes, or in their terms, younglings. Is all part of war. Sith are brought up to be war machines. Creations of their masters to become stronger. To become the next generation of individuals to act within the culture, as beings of power, deceit, and lies. Sith Acolytes, know full well, that should they be attacked, they will likely, and most certainly be the first to perish. Why? As any hunter of creatures know, Killing the young, prevents further generations. Killing the mother, will only stop the growth for a short time. If a hunter wants to end the entire section of an ecosystem, they must do so by systematically destroying all that they are. That includes, those who follow them. Offspring, and followers of the faith. Otherwise, they will always return.

Echos of the Sith have allowed Jedi to fall to the darkness. Whispers from Holocrons have brought down Orders. The subtle manipulation of minds, has turned families upon one another.

My dear Jedi. Oh you of noble heart. O'seekers of Honor. Stop.

Kill and destroy Sith Empire Acolytes just as I would strangle your own younglings, or Apprentices. Killing the Sword of the Jedi will only make him a Martyr to those who know him. But destroy all that follows him, remove all including his shadow, and no one, will know of the Sword that perished by his namesake. Jedi require moderation in all things, but do not fear the killing of future Sith that would otherwise weaken the Warlords, or the Eternal Might of the Sith Religion. We want only the strong. We want only the survivors. Kill all the rest as you have done in the past. The Army of Light, The Jedi Order, the Je'daii Order. They all sought to end the threat of the Sith in the past. Even the Silver Jedi purified planets with Force Light in order to stop us. Yet we are still here.

If you want to win in this war, this all out total war against the Sith Empire, then you will need to bloody your hands. As no peace, can be made, without blood being shed.

-Vora Kaar