Personal Tome of Vora Kaar
Musings of Order and Chaos within the Force.

Evolution has been a very well documented topic. One many Sith have tried to envoke in various ways. Stories of Darth Plagueis and his attempts to create life, to evolve a life form to become more powerful within the force, Darth Sion and the unwavering hatred that allowed many accounts of his life scattered over generations. Dart Nihilus and the Mass Shadow generator becoming a conduit for his evolution into an entirely different kind of being. Most notable is Darth Vitiate. A supposed Immortal Sith Emperor. An entity known for transferring their essence to host bodies.

Evolution of the Sith has come from many facets of the force. As always, there will be those who seek to bring about a golden age by way of conquering systems. An Iron Fist to bring down the curtain over the most powerful of sectors. Some advance the Sith within the force itself. Putting the ideas of flesh behind them to scope out the mysticism of Alchemy, Magic, and the like. Rituals performed to become this ever reaching goal of immortality. I, Vora Kaar, have seen many people attempt to personify the idea of the Sith'ari. An immortal, omnipotent, omniscient God of the Sith people, and Sith Religion. Claiming the title in one way or another. In later years, many believed that the "Dark Lord of the Sith," is a common term for this god. Yet, I know not of any Sith living since the beginning life of the Sith and the Massassi people. This statement is made in knowing of this ignorance, that I, a singular individual, cannot search the entirety of the Galaxy in one moment of time to know all that is of people living, or dead.

Many Sith look to finding this Godly being, while others attempt to become it. All of my observations point to the Sith, in the extremely large majority, to be of one of three individuals. The Seekers of a God, and to find purpose of such beings, The Hungers of power, seeking to become this very entity and rule over what ever form of the galaxy they choose, or The Deniers who speak that the Sith'ari is a myth, or haphazardly throw the stories of greatness to the wayside in an attempt to garner their own power.

The following of such ideals, all lead to my current hypothesis. The Code of the Sith has a twisted way of keeping Sith within the control of another. Any Sith who kill their master, to be free of them, only to become the second of another, has not become free of their chains. Merely, switching to who will be holding the whip. The Sith who seek to become the most powerful form of the Sith'ari, is the constant need to obtain victory. This Sword Logic, of always winning, will force the individual to constantly be attempting larger and larger victories. Before eventually, the need to fulfill this victorious state, becomes to great to bear. Crushing one underneath their own power. Any sith who attempt to move out from under the blanket of the Sith'ari, rejecting it's ideals, will only hinder them. The force can only free a Sith from their chains, through their knowledge, and use of power to overcome the odds of the universe. To best the challenge and subvert stagnation. Ignoring the Sith'ari, will prevent those who seek to run from it, find that the shadow of darkness creeps behind. Always finding its way and suffocating any who do not know how to best it.

Within this Tome, is a catalog of my thoughts on many things. The Sith, the Jedi, how to two are one in the same, the force itself. All are formed of my own opinions and through years of study in the field. Each of these topics have given me a much wider, but also more focused ability of understanding the force. When the galaxy sought balance, it tilted and fell. Should one side fall more than the other, they fall back upon the ideas of gods, religion, theology, and worship of the force. Bringing this "Balance" back into place. The Chosen one of the Jedi was to end the Sith, and bring balance to the force. Yet mere years later, it fell out of balance once more. Forever forcing change upon those who seek to keep balance, or keep the galaxy leaning to one side or the other.

Yet, the force evades me like the wind slipping through my fingers.

The force is never at peace. It always finds a way to break the stagnation. Allowing Sith to genocide the Jedi, or just the opposite. Allowing both to fall into a state were others should rise up. Many times the Sith, and the Jedi have been on the brink of extinction, yet are still brought back. Finding a way to become born again. Giving way to new ideologies, theories, stories, and myths. There is so much more I still need to learn, and document for future generations. Not so that I would have any legacy, but so then maybe, just maybe the Galaxy would be able to find a reason for this imbalance of Order and Chaos forever in entanglement.

To find how this imbalance takes place, will allow one to understand the galaxy is on the brink of Order and Chaos.

And push it whichever way they desire.