Citizens of the Galactic Alliance,

I stand with you all today, shocked by the news of the Concord / Sith alliance that has reached the Core. These are, without question, strange and difficult times. I speak from my experiences in the highest office of our Alliance when I admit that a certain willingness to compromise is necessary to be a successful leader. However, that sentiment can only go so far.

There were many who had criticized my administration’s controversial decision to take up arms alongside the New Imperial rebels and strike back against what we perceived to be a far greater threat. Now, they attempt to make a similar claim. I have no love for the warlords of the New Order and certainly don't advocate for Imperial sympathy, but the Sith and their legions have committed unspeakable acts of violence and terror across the Galaxy.

Senators of the Alliance -- I implore you to not be as quick to forget their atrocities as others have been.

Do not forget the lives that were lost when the Sith carved their way through our homeworlds, plunging us into a generation of struggle and oppression. Do not allow our hard work, nor the sacrifices of our citizens, to be in vain. Senators, Chancellor -- our eyes are on you. The history holobooks will remember this moment, as will we.

Be the bastion of light this galaxy needs.