A lot of them think they have given me the beating of my life, they all want to rearrange my face.

I remember the beating of my life, I was fifteen. My sister, and cousin were eleven. Poor Felix, never saw it coming, Crystal on the other hand...she saw it before it happened. She had saw the look in the man we call father, his eyes were so dark that day...so dark.

It had been a few hours after dinner, midnight was rolling in, and I was outside, looking out at the stars. I was wondering, does it ever stop? How many planets sit in their orbit, unaware that the Sith were watching, hungry for their land? It didn't stop...Crucix had just came back two days ago after a long campaign on some planet unknown to me. I still can remember what planet it was. He had come back more sadistic then normal There was a certain fury in his eyes, a new cruelty rising. Three months before hand, he had left us, angry that I had spoken against not him leaving, but against this war. He had tried to hit, but I backed up in time to dodge it. Maybe I liked annoying him, or maybe I had a good side to me then...I'm not sure, but I know he swore that mine was coming. Yeah, okay. I had thought to myself. My mother had looked down upon me, I guess she knew what was coming. He had came up behind me, silently, I was unaware he had been watching me for sometime now.

"What do you see?" He asked me. It startled me, and I quickly turned around to face him. "The stars..." I replied back to him. The man looked up, his hair wasn't so long back then, in fact it was about the same length as mine right now. His head dropped back to look at me, he had this glimmer in his eyes when the light hit them, it was the only thing that I wanted to have from him, that glimmer in the eyes. It said, 'I am powerful, I know it too.'.

He took a step towards, and I remember trying to back up, but the ledge of the balcony was stopping me. It was like time had stopped as he walked towards me, each step took hours to finish it seemed. It wasn't till he was about two feet from me that time sped up. I remember this happening so quickly, it didn't hurt at first, not till I landed. He hit me, hit me in the face, and I went flying over the balcony. When I landed, a rip broke, and my fingers were bent in positions they weren't meant to go in. I was so stunned I couldn't scream, I couldn't even cry. He dropped down from the balcony, landing a few feet from in front of me. His lips moved, but I don't remember words coming out, I'm pretty sure he said, "I told you so."

The man I had to call father picked me up with one hand...had he always been this strong? What had happen to the man I remember as a boy? So gentle, so in love with my mother, and the father figure everyone wanted? He looked me in the eyes, and something slammed into me abdomen, it was his knee. Internal bleeding began to happen..I think. I coughed up blood that was for sure.

It didn't matter how many times he hit me though, I didn't cry. I could barely breath! If I close my eyes, I can remember how the anger kept rising up, I think he wanted me to cry. Then it snapped in me. I mean a state of mind, we know bones were already snapping. I started laughing in his face, the pain was so great, I would flinch with each chuckle. He sneered at me. He stopped.

"Come on old man, this all you got?" I finally said, more like wheezed. So many things were broken, physically, and mentally. One eye was so swelled, it was like having a Delvas Fruit for a eye. Crucix walked away. I thought I had won the fight.

A few minutes passed, and it started to drizzle. The cold rain made everything numb. I guess Crystal had called Felicia to come over, cause they came sprinting out the backdoor, and to either of my sides. They were in their sleeping clothes.

"Romeo, oh my gosh.." Crystal sobbed. I remember the smell of her hair, it made me smile, it overwhelmed that metallic smell of blood. Crystal wrapped her arms around mine, and Felicia just stared at my wounds. "Why..why do you anger him to this?" She whispered. I looked at her with concerned eyes. This rivalry with my father wasn't just injuring me, it was hurting the only two people I cared for. Felix wrapped her arms around my other arm, I could them sobbing. I had always been the one to protect them, to keep them from harm's way. I was the one who caressed them in their time of need, and here I was, dying probably. Two little girls wrapped around me, crying in the rain. Finally I spoke up.

"Shhh..." It barely slipped from my mouth, the blood still leaked from the corner of my lips, and other various wounds. I sighed, kinda. "His breath was horrible..." I said starring out into the nothingness. "Like really, really bad. When was the last time he brushed his teeth?" I had to comfort them someway. It worked though, they giggled, and tightened their grip on my arms, it hurt, but I let them show their affection. It was better to be pained because of love, then be pained because of hate. It's a different kind of pain, you know?

About an hour later, he returned, in one hand was his lightsaber, it took him this long to find the damn thing? Crucix's face was emotionless, full of just pure hatred. I could feel it flowing through the force. Those purple irises turned to Crystal, then to Felix, and back to me. His hand shot forward, and I thought I felt some sort of force brush by me. This was when time really slowed down for me.

Felix screamed echoed in my ear, I turned my head to look at her. Crystal's grip on my arm was gone, this was odd, Felicia had tighten up so hard, I'm pretty sure she had taken the fracture in it, and broken in. My head turned back to Crystal. My eyes widened. Tears welled up from somewhere deep. Something clicked in my neck.

Crystal's face was facing me, and her eyes..her eyes. Ever taken a life before, ever watched the life fade from their eyes? This wasn't like that. This was something like dying just enough to make you react in a way that's...too much for the moment. I didn't even look back at the man who had did this. I felt something warm welling up inside me now, deep in my core. Something like...anger, but passion. For just a second thing's that were broken didn't register to me. My arms wrapped around Felicia, like I said, how this was possible, I don't know...I wish I did...I wish I could answer that.

Time went back to normal, and Felix was bundled up tight in my arms. My legs had never moved so fast before, total instinct had taken over. This is what they call the flight, or fight reaction I think. When it kicks in, it makes survival very possible. Your body numbs pain, and pumps so much adrenaline through your body that you can get up, and go. You can get away, or you can take down the threat. I ran, and I ran, and I ran.

I don't remember how I got the Deth's house, my uncle. He was always good to me. When I knocked on his door, his face said it all. Despair, angry, sadness, these are things that can easily be read on a face. They were in bold on his.

.....After that....I passed out.....nothing was the same after that...My sister was dead...I was quiet for a very long time....I don't remember what happen when I got back home..or when....I do remember...her eyes.....