Today's special discount features Arceneau Trade Company's own fueling subsidiary:

Corporation Name: Mara Tibx and Fuels, Inc ( MTF) A subsidiary of Arceneau Trade Company
Headquarters: Tatooine with a secondary main branch at Sleheyron
Locations: Abafar, Sleheyron, Tatooine, Nal Hutta, Orondia, Nar Chunna, Dirha, Mandolore. Mandalorian space, black sun space, and confederacy space.
Operations: Production, refinement, and distribution of Tibanna gas into TibannaX. Production, refinement, and distribution of liquid fuels. Exploration of wells, Gravity and Geomagnetic Surveys, drilling extraction and refinement.

Tier: III

With a fleet of fuel stations, fuel tankers, and mobile fueling vessels, Mara Tibx and Fuels are able to provide not only quality fuels, but are able to offer any experience in tapping into a valuable resource for any government entity, for a fair price, and ensuring that the maximum amount of profit is attained for all resources. This includes the exploration of wells, gravity and geomagnetic surveys, drilling extraction and refinement.

We provide Horizontal drilling, Multilateral drilling, Extended reach drilling, complex path drilling, drill cuttings and core samples, and well logging.

Mara Tibx and Fuels will be taking over all of Arceneau Trade Companies fueling prospects and contracts, allowing for an expansion in potential business other than mere fuel to be added in for freighter services.

For orders contracted today, you will receive a 20% discount to your purchases. (Long term contracts do not apply, see Danger Arcenneau for more information)

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