I love situational irony. Its by far the best humor out there. To see one thing, and say another, its comical to the max. Amid my readings and musings this year for Juvenile delinquency classes and Development of personality I have found the best of the situational irony jokes out there:
American culture, which is laced why psychology references, itself fears and hates psychologists.
Yes its true. But I really don't mind. I have sat and listened to people rail on for ten minutes or more on the evils of psychologists, say how they find them creepy, think they are perverts, or so on. I joke with my friends that this you know your a psychologist when someone dogs psychology and your first thought is, "There is an underlying issue here, I know it...."
Whether we Americans want to admit it or not there is a bit of a love-hate relation with the populace and the psychologists. Sure, its not as bad as lawyers and politicians but we get personified as old men with elbow patches, thick glasses, and weird tweed. There is also a general idea of having to lay on a couch and talk about random things, mainly your childhood, only to hear your real issue is something really really weird, like wanting to shag your mother as toddler. All of these things harken back to the Freud, the most famous of psychologist.
Sadly he was also the one that was most hated by his contemporaries. And I can't stand him, because he is a pervert (Sorry Freudians). Don't get me wrong I love shows that poke fun of Psychiatrist. Fraiser is my favorite show. But I wanna write a blog darn it and this is what I wanna write about!! >.<
Anyway, back to the point. A high level of freakish mysticism is associated with us psych guys. Some of it is unfair but some is because we kinda are studying the weirdest thing on the planet. Yep, that's you. How does that make you feel? (comedic pause) But really, we are nothing special and most of us are in our mid thirties to early forties. But the famous ones are old cause it takes a LONG time to get all that data of lifetimes of change. Truth there.
We are just regular people too--granted regular people who tend to be in possession of bucket-loads of patience, a mountain of student debt, and the ability to see into your soul if we have enough time and the desire to do so. I think the patience stems from the student debt, personally.
Key thing about seeing into your soul: if we want to. A house builder, and buddy of mine asked in a half-joking tone, "So does this mean you spend all day psychoanalysising us?" To which I laughed and said with equal glib, "Do you go around building houses for free?" Its exhausting to be a mental healer. And thats coming from a guy who lifts weights in his free time. Its a taxing experience, not something you do for fun. We are not like Superman with X-ray vision always looking into your soul. First off, that would be rude, and second, we would all eventually off ourselves from insanity and a lack of hope. There is a lot of evil in this world, ya know. Its a heavy burden.
Also, there really is no need to be scared. We are nice people! We are literally paid to keep secrets! In our vow we promise to "do no harm." Literally meaning we cannot do you a bit of agony using our knowledge of your psychosis against you. Yeah, everyone's got a bit of psychosis or neurosis. Sometimes both. But we are good, kind people. Its why we want to help heal your hearts and minds. After all, if we were just in it for the money, we would take less stressful jobs such as surgeons or Politicians. I'm not downplaying how much stress they get but you've seen couples fight in the store, right? Imagine being all up in that and having to work out the real reason they are arguing, why they haven't had sex in four weeks, and how to help fix the problem while they both scream at each other, cry, and scream at you sometimes. That's pretty hellish. Just saying.
Now that I have writen all of this, I am gonna go eat fish now. Additions, corrections, or complains can go to the comments bellow or my PM box. Thanks.