After the Advent of #Swag Justice the New and Improved Crime Lord, with his normal drunken state shouted an order in a vanilla ice cream cone. After he was able to be convinced to repeat his order in an understandable nature into a microphone, it reads,
"We should %$#@ make this $#@! pay for his ^%$# crimes. Zeltrons got a %$#@ right to do what they want, where they want, when they want. Who can resist this face??? ((He motioned at this point to who appearred to this reporter to be Joza Perl)) Only heartless people, that's who! Ye know who is heartless?????? Solan Charr!!!! I bet there be more heat in Hoth than there be love in his heart. That's why as soon as I finish this party, I am dedicating all my Fuzzybear-class star destroyers to assault his planet!"
This reporter did their research and can confirm that Justice Shipping and Soceras contain no known weapons known as "Fuzzybears" We are all curious to see what this really means and see this cryptic code play out.
The Illuminati offered no comment. However, our photographer was able to obtain a clear shot of Swag Justice. Those of weak constitutions or eating are not advised to view this image.
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