Tired of getting left in the dust? Tired of walking from the club threads with nothing more than a bill and a bit buzzed? Well then you have come to the right place, Old James-y here is ready to teach you tools of the trade to romance that special someone. Or, at least ways for you to stop watching from the sidelines while he waltzes off with all the girls.
All kidding aside, let's get down to brass tacks. A lot of characters on here claim to be the "playboy" or "playgirl" type. Unfortunately, this is like a claim from the American Congress; most of the time it doesn't hold water. If you want to be able to really flex those muscles here are a few tips from me from what I have learned and how to write this aspect well.
1) Flirt writing is not for the faint of heart or the lacking of vocabulary. You need serious guts to be able to do this. Anyone can blast an NPC into the afterlife and many can duel, beating each other into submission. But few can truly master the art of seduction. I am not saying I have (see the next point), but what I am saying is if you are going to play and play to win then you have to have a set of bravery and vocabulary skills that few have. You will also need a mastery of subtlties and details that few have ever come to see. Yes, grasshopper, you will need to vocabulate.
2) Learn from the greats. Yes, I am telling you to do something you hate; homework. You know what makes the heart-throbs what they are? No, its not just the cunning good looks, its a practiced set of actions, skills, words, and subtle gestures that will make any woman swoon. Watch the greats like John Travolta, Chris Hemsworth, and Tom Cruise in action and take notes. Watch how they smile, move, stand, walk, what words they use, what facial expressions, what they wear, every little thing. Add it up then make it your own. Also, do watch chick flicks. There is a reason why they go ga-ga over these. I shall not give this to you, you must figure it out.
3) MAKE HER FEEL LIKE SHE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD. Because she IS. You think your the only one eyeing her in this joint? You aren't. You think your the best man in the place? Your not. So don't sit there and try to convince her why your the galaxy's gift to woman kind, damn it or you will find yourself with her tab and a heart ache. No you convince her she is the galaxy's gift to mankind. How do you do that? Refer to the second point to find ways. Show her that you are exclusively interested in her. And only her. Just like in real life dating, you don't sit there and check out the chick's friends while you hit on her. Well, if you do, then you know your doing something wrong. But just like you want her full attention, you gotta give her all of yours. This means you are:
-Basically show her your interests are exclusive
4) Communicate OCC. Nothing is more awkward than well, ending up realizing that she wants to be just friends. So, communicate OOC through a PM or something to make sure you understand where this is going. Yes, James has had many a fling. And short term relationships. Every time there was communication. Basically something along the lines of "Hey, just letting you know what kind of character I am playing. Are you ok with that?" If they say yes, your golden. If not you need to re-direct IC action appropriately, so help me if you misuse this IC, I will FIND a reason for James to shell you and your planet into oblivion and put a bounty on your head so large you will look both ways before even cross the bedroom threshold.
What you need to communicate OOC:
-Your intentions (long term, short term, medium. Akio Diachi, my alt, fell in love over time in the most beautiful story I have ever written all based off one sentence..... flow bro, flow.)
-Your gratitude for playing with them
-Your request for permission. She is the lady, SHE is in control. Not you.
5) Have a noble heart. Women can read minds. They will know if you are in it for a good story or if you are in it cause of bad reasons. If you think you can fool her, your frankly dumb.
Do not seduce her because:
-You wanna feel manly
-You wanna show how big yours is
-You wanna prove your a bad ass
-You think her playby is a hottie
DO seduce her because:
-She is Miss Right
-She has crafted a good character that you respect
-She is a superlative writer
-She is someone you could see your self role playing with long term.
6) Dance. This is a dance, man, so do it. Dance involves give and take, back and forth, give and take. If your giving and she ain't giving back--you might just have a problem. What are the basic steps of this dance?
1. The approach.
-playful banter
-light complements and flirting (make it original guys. <.< For instance once James has been known to say, "got a name, or are ye just an angel and I be hallucinating?")
-an act of kindness (opening the door, buying her meal or a drink. Don't be a kiss up but refer to 3 and 2 above)
-Take your time here
2. The cat and mouse
-slightly stronger banter (This is where you can imply how good you are. Don't over do it. "You will find I am a master of many skills." "I think you and I will get along perfectly.")
-Slight touch. (Brush the leg, touch the hand, make it gentle. Save your cards for the next step, don't over play your hand or you look like a dolt)
-This is my favorite part, savor it. Take a LONG TIME here and keep her comfortable, taking cues for when to start the next step.
3. Closing in.
-Stronger touch (back, lips, ears, and neck. touch softly. Treat her like she is made of glass. Keep it PG-13.)
-Whispers and growls (due to the closeness, you need to speak less and softer. Find words that work for you)
-More details (At this level of closeness, you need to be more vivid or you will find yourself home alone.)
-This needs to be the second shortest phase.
-Be more than willing to go back to the later steps. It makes it MORE fun.
4. The Wind up
-If she has been interested the whole time, stay suave. Your not out of the river yet.
That's all I got for the moment, I may do a part two later. Comment bellow your suggestions, they are more than welcome. Remember: Don't be that guy who is a creeper. You do that, I will slag you IC, your home planet and remove this blog. Don't make me do that. Please.
Later I will also do a post for female characters, so stay tuned!