What time is it?

I can feel the rust in my bones. That doesn't seem right. Perhaps a storms coming. Might explain why the knee is acting up. Can't be sure. Hard to tell through the chemical cloud cover. I can hear the worms grinding their way through the old factories.

They're still carrying out their orders.

I'm still carrying out mine.


Someone has to do it. It's my turn. No one is exempt.

Not like that mattress is a comforting thought anyone. I'd sooner fall asleep in one of the lockers.

This place takes the cake for Suck.

Man do I hate cake.

Why... why do people like it? I mean, I understand pastries taste good but that icing is just disgustingly sweet. Can't do it. Can't do it.

Can't do it like I can't take this planet back.

I'm a thorn, really. It's my lot in life. I'm prickly and I stick around when all people want is for me to be gone. But you can't get rid of me, because without me there's no rose. There's no foil to the beauty around us.

No dark without the light.

The lights here haven't worked in days.

Managed to find an old oil lamp, though. So I use that to write, sometimes. When I can find the time.

I miss lights. I miss home.

I miss you, probably just because I've got no way of entertaining myself.

Ah, who am I kidding. I just don't feel right not havin' you around. Not sure why. Can't think so well. Probably that quiet strength of yours. Yeah, sounds right. Always so driven. Intense. Dedicated.

Not so different, really.

And yet worlds apart. No... pun intended? I think that works here. Maybe not.

Situation not normal. Situation was never normal.

Are we normal? Is carrying out conversations with another person in your head normal?

What about a relationship? We fight like old lovers. We were never actually that close.

Did I miss a step somewhere?

Or the whole staircase?

I fell down one the other day. Accident. Put a boot on it and it just collapsed. Think I cracked a rib. Cascade effect. First flight went, then I went through the second. Ground was a few floors down.

I think someone laughed nervously, but I wasn't sure.

Sure as hell didn't feel funny.

I can see a red light moving in the bunks. We've stopped patrolling on our watches. Bad discipline, I know, but... searches getting more intensive. Can't risk the watch being taken while separated. Easier this way. Necessary risk.

Necessary risk... no risk should have to be necessary.

I'm tired of the Sith.