Day: 3
Location: Myrkr

Its been three days since Alexandra and I came to Myrkr and so far, I have refused to let her in. Everyday, I can tell that she's burning with curiosity and I thank the Ysalimiri for blocking out the force from both of us. No one can see my plans. No one can know why I've exiled myself to this force user's hell. I've made this journal for one reason and one reason only. To tell someone. Even myself. To know that my plans reside in more heads than a few Ashlan wolves. So far, Ace and I have managed to come up with a system by linking our minds then using his ability to communicate with the others to essentially multiply my capacity for knowledge by somewhere in the five hundreds. Of course, this isn't to say I can think faster. Its simply that now I don't forget. Every time I need a piece of knowledge the ashlans are happy to provide. I'll have to thank them in some way for this, but I'll have to wait until I can find this place.

The place I'm looking for is a lost planet. Only obscure mentioning, and reports of missing sit patrols from centuries ago have led me to the knowledge of its existence. An ancient order kept in one base and policing the galaxy when the jedi couldn't. I remember Master Matsu Ike once told me about the GenoHaradan. These people must be their counter part, the ones who shaped the galaxy not by deciding who died, but who lived. Their lack of activity can only lead me to one suspicion, something happened around the time of the Gulagh plague. Still, they had a home and its there that I hope to find the information to revive this lost order.

As much as I would like to continue writing, I've only just gotten set up so I've yet to discover anything major and Alexandra is at my door shouting. Something about the Vornskyr. Perhaps I misspoke when I said I needed to repay the Ashlans. Seems everyday there's another one of those damnd force hunters for us to put down. In any case, I'll be signing out for now...