Issue #1 of Underworld Rumors and Tall Tales.
From the back pages of GNN holo reports, a mix of rumors, lies, and half-truths can be read for those who love a good story or are stuck on a long freighter journey to the middle of nowhere. Fact and fiction both find a home here.

The Outer Planet’s Alliance continued expansion and the growth of the Eternal Empire have left less breathing room for Zann consortium piracy. Forcing them into further conflict with both the Pyke Syndicate over smuggling routes, and the Crymorah syndicate over just who is allowed to rob which systems where. Several wrecks of light frigates and corvettes have been found near known pirate hideouts, and no survivors have been 'officially' recovered. Experts advise piracy tensions will only increase as less lawless space exists to operate in freely.

The Garbage Wars between the Ranc Gang and the Haxion Brood reached a dirty new low today when 100,000 metric tons of garbage were dumped on one unnamed planet's lawn, ransoming a continent to switch contractors or else they would be dealing with the same next week. Just how that many tons were transported by bulk freighters without being detected is as yet being investigated, but insider garbage trading is suspected. Residents have been advised to buy nose plugs for the foreseeable future while the crisis is incinerated.

Meanwhile the Sith civil war brewing has left several Hutt Cartel members on the borders worried about being caught up in the crossfire, causing a migration of several operations into space occupied by the Exchange. Usually safe Silver Jedi, Alliance, and Republic outer systems have seen increasing and unexplained minor incidents where the underworld groups have clashed off the grid for territory.

Branching out into unknown territory, the grapevine says the Uos family is rumored to be attempting to set up a new string of off the grid banks in CIS space for furthering their ability to wash credits clean. Whether the bank's dubious reputation will see them thrown out into the void, shot then thrown into the void, or welcomed for their creative financing time will tell.

Stay safe out there spacers, avoid lawless space, buy nose plugs, don’t date a hutt, and wash your creditchit clean!