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Affiliation: Open Market

Manufacturer: Cecaelia Industrial

Model: Ira-Class Civilian Atmospheric Station

Modularity: Extremely minor [i.e. interior structure of existing buildings]

Production: Limited

Material: Durasteel, transparisteel, various other minor components such as duracrete.

Classification: Atmospheric Station

Length: 3500m

Width: 3500m

Height: 3000m (highest building point)

Armament: 5 - Light Defense

Hangar: No hangar. There are docking arms along the atmospheric station allowing for larger ships to dock and load/unload goods.Private docking ports may exist within the station to handle small freighters and personal yachts.

Special Features: The Ira-Class is held in place by nearly 35,000 engines and numerous tractor beams. These ensure that the atmospheric station stays afloat and does not experience any violent swinging or turbulence.

Maneuverability: 20

Speed Rating: 20

Hyperdrive Class: No Hyperdrive


-Home : Provides an excellent port of call for anyone looking to expand into territory that is currently primitive.
-Location : Atmospheric allows for faster refinement of materials. One doesn't have far to go before doing the final checks and shipping out the goods.
-Environment : Boots off the ground mean a happy ecosystem for all. Excellent in fragile environments.


-Immobile : Constructed in place, the Ira-Class is nearly impossible to move. Companies should keep long-term goals in mind when ordering the station, as it ain't going anywhere.
-Defense : Light defenses but the atmospheric station could easily be bombed and destroyed in an attack
-EMP : The atmospheric station relies heavily on electronics. An EMP attack or well coordinated shut down of the systems would cause the station to go crashing back to the ground. In a ball of fire.

Description: The Ira-Class station is designed purely for civillian use. Ideally, this station would be useful for corporations or factions as use for sky high cities where land-based structures are near impossible. Gas mining, oceanic planets, and environmental preservation issues are all ideal situations where the Ira-Class would be needed. Most choose to divide the Ira-Class in its predefined sectors, as this comes factory standard on all atmospheric stations. These predefined sectors are :

Centrality : Circular, domed structure nearly in the middle of the Ira-Class. Most clients choose to use this as a welcoming center, corporation headquaters, or some type of luxurious feature(muesum, art gallery) to showcase to guests.

Residential : Home to civillian and corporation workers alike. On a typical Ira-Class, a quieter part of the atmospheric station. Here varying levels of comfort and luxury can be found, depending on the building and block. In an effort to provide a sense of normalcy, most lower level buildings would be open to merchants and for trade to enter. Some green space has been cut out of the residental area and given to parks and botantical gardens.

Warehouse : Exactly as described, storage space for companies and their products. Located along the outer left edge of the atmospheric station for easier loading and unloading. Could easily serve as a distribution point for some of the smaller companies in the 'verse.

Manufacturing : A gritty part of the atmospheric station. Here corporation(s) install the equipment needed and get to work. If needed, this can be swapped out during the building order to be a refinery district, should the atmospheric station be used for gas and/or ore mining purposes.

Lower Levels : Located 'underneath' the atmospheric station. The lower levels contain a host of items, mainly factories, refineries and various types of storage. Some buildings may use the lower levels to house their own workers, leaving the top(and more valuable) side open for higher paying patrons. The lower levels also hold the tractor beams and engines that keep the city afloat and in place.

In order to maintain homeostasis for sentient residents, environmental controls are paramount to the station. Oxygen, temperature, and wind must all be taken in consideration at each mooring point for the Ira-Class. Life support is controlled in the lower levels and monitored closely, adjusting as the weather changes.

Development Thread: You Truly Belong Here With Us Among The Clouds [Dev] , Not A Cloud In The Sky

Intent: To provide the first atmospheric station for Cecaelia Industrial. Also, for those who purchase said item, a place to RP or expand
their IC business in various ways.

Who Can Use This: Limited - Those who comission this from Cecaelia Industrial or purchase the station from the company.

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