In the Name of the Light

Across the Alliance, the holocast programming wavered momentarily before cutting out completely as the symbol of the Galactic Alliance faded into view on the screen. After a brief moment, there was a flourish of brass instruments before the triumphant melody of 'All Stars Burn As One' began to play. A simple refrain of the Alliance anthem played, ending once more in a flourish of trumpets before the symbol of the faction faded and the solemn image of the Chancellor appeared. Adhira stood before a podium on the Senate promenade. She was swathed in dark robes and her jet black hair was pulled into a simple bun. Behind the Chancellor, standing in rows were members of the Galactic Alliance Senate, staring ahead gravely over the camera. There were also members of the Jedi standing at attention among their ranks.

"My fellow citizens...

These last few weeks have been a difficult time for us all. On the galactic northern border of our territory, we have faced an unprecedented level of imperial activity that has threatened the security of our people. We responded in kind to this threat, sending our forces to secure neutral planets that would otherwise find themselves at the mercy of the New Imperial Order. In these efforts, we enjoyed a measure of success and have managed to quell many of the uprisings that gave us cause for concern...

Alliance High Command is confident that this imperial threat has been averted - for now.

A new threat appears to now be facing down our galaxy - capitulation to darkness. I have recently been made aware that a coalition between the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Concordia, and the Sith Empire has formed under our noses... a defensive pact between the three nations under the guise of assurance against the Bryn'adul threat to the galactic south. An otherwise admirable cause, were their first act not to come to the defense of the Sith Empire following the recent assault launched by the New Imperial Order."

The Senators featured in the shot shifted uncomfortably over Adhira's shoulders and she took the opportunity to straighten the papers in front of her. Of course, the Chancellor was not reading from whatever was on the podium, but the effect was nice.

"I have been advised by the New Jedi Order that in the absence of continued pressure by the New Imperial Order's forces, the Sith Empire has grown bold. When our northern neighbors first launched their assault against the Sith, we were a fledgling nation, allied closely with Irveric Tavlar's forces and we helped fight their war with the Sith out of necessity... and by proxy. Now, we boast one of the strongest military forces in the galaxy, with the means to challenge the Sith on our own terms.

As a result of the New Imperial Order's incursion into Sith territory, I have agreed to a temporary armistice so as not to hinder their progress. An invitation to join their forces on Dantooine was extended and promptly declined. Instead, the Galactic Alliance Defense Forces have been directed, in concert with the New Jedi Order, to invade Felucia and the Sith homeworld of Korriban. The evils done to these planets by the Sith will be purged and order will be restored."

The Jedi behind Adhira shifted their gaze, almost in unison, to look at her.

"The unholy pact formed by our likewise allies in Concordia and the Confederacy has given many of us pause in making the decision to embark on this path of righteousness. The idea that we may face, in battle, both "jedi" and Sith have troubled our friends in the New Jedi Order deeply. It has troubled me deeply, as well. I ask that our allies reconsider the dark path they have set themselves upon and abandon the folly of supporting the Sith before their sins become too great for atonement.

The Galactic Alliance does not seek war with our neighbors and allies, but it needs to be understood, we will not hesitate to make corrections to the cosmic balance. The path we embark on now, we embark upon in the name of the Light... and any who stand in our way will be purified.

May the Force be with you.... May the Force be with us all. Always."

The Chancellor stepped out from behind the podium and began to stride off-screen before the image of Adhira and the Senators and Jedi behind her faded. The anthem began to play again as images of the Alliance ships crossing into hyperspace dominated the screen.