I'd like to state this before starting: If you are ever struggling with depression or being bullied, whether at school or work or at home, please don't ever think suicide is the only option. Hop over to the amazing community over at /r/suicidewatch or talk with a friend or a close family member. I survived bullies and depression, and still surviving depression, and I can guarantee it is worth it.
I wrote this poem when I met the love of my life. At the time she was going through some traumatic events as well as being bullied. She was on the edge of killing herself. I wrote her this and she cried in my arms until she finally found the words to thank me. I didn't just write this for her. I wrote this for everyone who battles depression and or being bullied. I hope this poem inspires you to keep fighting. It's a good fight. Please enjoy the poem.
Don't fear
Don't hate
Don't surrender
Press on.
The fight is long
But it has worth
It has meaning
It is who you are, that is worth fighting for
You are someone
A living person
With feelings
Feelings that those around might not understand
But that doesn't matter.
What matters is you
What matters is you know who you are
You are you
That you love who you are
You can't let someone define you
You define you
You become who you are because of you
Not from genetics
Not from friends
Not from past actions
Not even from now
But from inside
From you
You become you
Through you
You are amazing
You are beautiful
No matter what
No matter what happens
No matter what life throws
No matter what people say
No matter how bad things get
No matter what
As long as you are you
And as long as you are true to you
As long as you have hope
As long as you love
As long as you spread the peace
You will be free
Do what you love
Be who you are
Be free
Free as a bird.