Heya pops,

I hope things are going on fine back home, or, if you're still calling that grounded freighter a house. Did you ever figure out what was going on with her sublights? I kept telling you, it might be her collector coils. I don't trust that damned Jawa not have scammed us. That was too good of a deal. Should've sprung for the warranty. But hey, that was how many years ago? Going on five, six maybe?

Too long man, it's been too long. Been running for too long. I can't remember the last time I just walked without these damned betaplast boots on. You were right, they're uncomfortable no matter who makes them. Maybe send me over that Republic Engineering bit you had laying around, see if it's compatible with what they've got me in.

The training wasn't too difficult, it was exactly what you would have expected. This is a blaster, this is what it does, pull the trigger to make things dead. Run this hill this many times, climb this rope this many. A buncha busy work if there ever was, honest. They had this entire "second-skin" thing they kept trying to push on us, never worked, never liked it to begin with. The damned, what is it... bodyglove! The bodyglove may be the worst part of it. Hate anything that's gotta be that close to my skin. Give me one reason. Well... atmospheric sealing, yea? That point went and wore itself thin.

Been on a few missions, nothing much to worry about, few patrols. Dealing with some scavengers or clearing out some ruins. Nothing too bad.

Though, I reckon you would've heard on the news by now. I'm okay. I promise I'm okay. A lot of good people got lost on that world. A lot of good people. My friends are okay though, and were all doing just fine. I promise you that.

You called me crazy when I left, that it was a big old contradiction to who I was. The Sith Empire needs to be stopped, they need to be... I don't know. How do you even deal with something that big? Kill the Emperor and then what happens? I'm not even sure the New Imperials are that much better, seems to be in the same neighborhood, just not as awful. The people we've found, the worlds we've taken, they've seemed happy. They've seemed happy. Some little Rodian kid even gave me a tiny salute. Cutest thing I've seen on tour.

Muunilinst was a ghost town, nothing. No citizens, no people, only soliders. Made me think to write you, seems even the enemy has the smarts to holler. Couldn't be worse than them, now could I?

I love you dad. I'll see you soon.

- Rav