Memoriae Sacrum

Ravraa Vyshraal

One of the heroes of the New Imperial Order, Moff Ravraa Vyshraal of Shili, has been murdered on the streets of Bastion. Moff Vyshraal was seen on the streets celebrating the victory of the New Imperial Order, reveling in the streets with the people of Bastion like the People’s Moff that he was, sharing drinks and sharing stories, merrymaking late into the night. This went on for some time before a gunman fired two rounds into his stomach and ended the Moff’s life. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The assailants identities are currently unknown, but following score-marking patterns left on the late Moff’s body, it has been determined that the blaster make and model consigns with that used by the Sith-Imperial Remnant forces, a sidearm. Though we do not have a name to direct our national mourning to, we do have a group we can direct it to. The Sith would not allow Moff Vyshraal to escape this war without taking one last thing from him, the man that had already sacrificed everything in order to exterminate the Sith threat.

“All I want is to see the Sith eliminated, so peace can be restored to the Galaxy.”

  • Attributed to Moff Vyshraal

Scans and reports of hyperlane travel and vehicle ID signatures have picked up irregularities flowing into particular planets along the border of New Imperial space, and a special operations detachment of COMPNOR and ISB personnel will be deployed in order to locate, secure, and judge the killers of our beloved Moff of Shili.

Moff Vyshraal has been succeeded by his husband, Jaresen Vyshraal-Alverm, who currently holds the position of Moff-Regent while the succession of the Moffdom is established. Sadly, Moff Vyshraal didn’t have ample time to finalize the laws of succession he wished to see for the planet of Shili, though with the Iron Hand of Defiance, the New Imperial Order will assure that this blazon of hope’s legacy is not defiled.

Paid for by the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order