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  1. Jenn Kryze

    Private  Family Time

    fa-play fa-pause Beskar'gam | Location | Kryze Clangrounds - Jenn's Home | Objective | Family Time Few places in the sector were more secure than the lands under Clan Kryze's protection. The Clangrounds were no fortress, to be sure; merely a budding village in the highlands with naught but...
  2. Sayno Clawe

    Approved Melee Weapon  Clawe of the Waves, The Clawe Family Katana

    Image Source: Here SPECIAL FEATURES Way of the Water: The blade naturally draws moisture to it passively through it's imbuement of the Force. While this would damage any other blade, the Force allows the blade to collect the water on the blade, and unleash it as an extension of the blade when...
  3. Balun Vale

    LFG  Long-Term Familial Ties

    Hey everyone, I've been imagining what Balun Vale's parents or family would be like if they were to turn up. Long story short, Balun was given to the New Jedi Order on Coruscant as a Baby and has no idea where he's from, who his parents are, or whether or not he has siblings. This leaves a...
  4. Liam Nargon

    LFG  Allies, Rivals etc to help a family come together

    Liam's talent in the Force has been passed down father to son for generations since the days of the Old Republic's war with the resurgent Sith Empire. Liam's father Naren Cors used his talents as an outlaw to make credits and scan women. Naren convinced Liam that his mother had abandoned him...
  5. Katarine Ryiah

    Private  So Show Me Family

    Location: The Noble House Objective: Socialize with Nobles Tags: Valery Noble + Other Nobles if they Want Katarine was a little nervous as she stood on the doorstep of the Noble house. She wanted to make a good impression on the family. This was the second Jedi Master of the era to invite her...
  6. Melissa Bloodscrawl

    Private  Family Outing

    Wearing: This Armed With: Bloodscrawl Lightsaber With: Nathan Bloodscrawl Aboard: Atrisian Pathfinder Objective: Investigate other planets in the core as fallback points. Note: Set before the Invasion of Coruscant. Melissa Bloodscrawl's black stilettos clicked on the floor of the...
  7. Rens Ahim

    LFG  Making connections

    Hey there folks. Decided to make a lfg thread for my senator character. I’m interested in roleplaying stories of him outside of the senate sessions. With fellow senators perhaps having a meeting or just hang out as colleagues getting to know each other. As for non-senator characters Rens can...
  8. Darth Empyrean

    Private  Family Matters

    The Emperor sat in his throne upon the throne room of the Mors Mon. It was not as opulent or aggressive as the one on Jutrand, where the ceiling cascaded into an endless sky and the throne was made of red kyberr bled to form a great crystalline chair. No, this was smaller, granite and engraved...
  9. Balun Vale

    Faction  What Makes A Family [Clan Terentatek]

    Mnemosyne, Asphodel. Lúthien Tinúviel | Aris Noble | Pitié | Cordelia Dimitte | Falentra Life in the Galaxy could be rough, no matter who you were. Life could be a constant battle for those without a home or a family to call their own. Balun Vale had been given to the New Jedi Order as an...
  10. Kitter Bitters

    Codex Denied  House of Ryiah

    The Ryiah Family Other Names The Ryiah Family Founded 747 ABY First Member Isaline Ryiah Affiliations The New Jedi Order The Kingdom of Naboo Galactic Alliance Hapes Consortium Jakku Jedi Enclave Family Type Matrilineal Patrilineal Patriarch Daxium Ryiah Species Human Hapan...
  11. Katarine Ryiah

    Discussion  Seeking More Advice About Family Expansion etc

    Last week I posted this thread where many people were very kind to give me ideas and thoughts for moving this character forward. I was originally debating on if I should use a character from Kat's past as an NPC to start her family, or if I should wait for a PC relationship to form here. I have...
  12. Jonyna Si

    Private  Family Photo Day

    Once again, the Noble household's phone rang. Valery had been expecting a call, and yet it came sooner than expected. BrrrrrrING! BrrrrrrrING! Tag: Valery Noble Kahlil Noble
  13. Trayze Tesar

    Private  The Tesar Family Barbecue

    CURRENT OBJECTIVE - Host a Meeting... BLUFOR - Darth Malum of House Marr Darth Strosius Revna OPFOR - N/A TARGETING ACTION(S) - Elise Vizsla , Darth Malum of House Marr, Dresden LOCATION: West Entryway, 1347 Hoth Blvd, Jutrand Police High Commissionerate, Juthrand City TIME: Local Sunset It...
  14. Riley Reese

    Faction  A family's helping hand (The Family)

    Location: Epica They say to always expect the unexpected. Well she never expected someone to set off a grenade inside their own ship before. So that was a first, and hopefully the last. What started out as an easy job went down hill quick after entering Epica's orbit. See, she was hired to...
  15. Valery Noble

    Private  Family Time

    Keshi Outfit: Epicanthix Dress | Wedding Ring Tag: Kahlil Noble Colette Valery was on the edge of her seat because of how excited she was. Vera of all people was meanwhile piloting the Bastion down towards Keshi's surface — she had been here once before, so she knew the way. Her Mother's...
  16. Ronhor Tillo

    Work In Progress  Tillo Family

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To make a family for my new Jedi character Image Credit: [ Provide credit to the original artist of the images in your submission. Link to the web page where it can be found and state the name of the original artist if possible. Each image used must be...
  17. Jax Thio

    Private  Salty Family Members

    Location: Crait Equipment: Travelling Robes, Jax's Prosthetic Arm, Jax's Third Lightsaber, Promise Ring to Jairdain Tag: Dreidi Xeraic What is it with Jax constantly accepting missions on Crait? Though Jax was slowly getting used to Jedi life again as he trained padawans in the art of The...
  18. Arianna Belasko

    Approved Tech  Arianna's Necklace

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a bit of tech and lore Image Source: Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Belasko...
  19. Xiann Sivron

    Faction  Welcome Home [The Family]

    Location: Castello Matrisca, Epica “We are approaching the landing zone. Prepare to touch down.” Rusty’s voice echoed around the loading bay from the intercom. Xiann let out a small groan as she tightened the bandage around her thigh. “And please stop trying to fix yourself. You’ll keep making...
  20. Vulpesen

    Private  Family Matters

    The Wilder Council was generally an accepting lot, with entry into the sects being offered to most anyone with some level of competence in the force. However, there were rules to Veradune’s faction of force users, the first among which, was that all sects must be approved by and represented on...
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