Golbah Hill, Confederate Capital

Exercise was important.

The demands of guiding the southern systems often required a plethora of sitting. Meetings. Paperwork. Reports. Councils. And every other gathering in-between. There were days where the Vicelord sat for so long that his feet tingled from a lack of circulation. Couple that with access to the finest snacks the Galaxy had ever known, at any time, and it was no wonder that the man had packed on a few pounds in the past few months. However, while the changes had not turned him into a full on Hutt, something had to be done. After all, he had many grandchildren to keep up with - and losing steam in the middle of "hide n go seek" wasn't an option.

Thus, a regular interruption to the daily norm was scheduled. For two hours each day, Polaris Court would essentially close. The personnel encouraged to take a break, take a walk, get some air, or spend the time how they saw fit. In the case of the Vicelord, that meant tossing on a sweat suit and heading out to the lakeside. Some days, he would arrive solo - save for the security detail that was mandatory at all times. At others, he'd bring a friend or two or five. Depending upon the mood.

Today, those who he brought were making quite the splash. Adron Malvern stood to his left, arms crossed with a bemused expression on his face. As the liege of Illyria, his exercise attire was far more gilded than Darth Metus'. One might have said that the "drip was immaculate" even. Yet, despite how differently they dressed, their choice for exercise was the same.

Splash. Swearing. The din erupting from the lake's shallows had been going on for a few minutes. And what was the source of the chaos? Training. Xobos Yakieer and Danielle Mueller had been brought all the way from Illyria to accompany the Exarch. And Metus' own students, Cordelia Malkavian, Srina Talon Srina Talon , and Lavria Xedrim were always within arm's reach. The chance to tutor them all, side-by-side, was one that Adron and Metus weren't going to pass up. That...and this was just too damn fun.

The name of the game? "Land one hit and you get a prize."

How was it going? Weeeeeeell. About that.

With the exception of the alabaster Talon, who had somehow some-fething-how, learned to walk on water, the apprentices were slogging in the shallows of the lake. They were soaked from head to toe. Yet they were all too stubborn to relent. Why? Because surrender wasn't an option. They'd try and seize victory - just as they were taught. As for the Masters?

Darth Metus opened his micro-datapad and flipped idly through Space Book. There wasn't much of note in his feed today, save for a few hot takes. Beaming, he offered the screen to Adron. "Apparently this month, we're supposed to drop our 'hot takes' with no nuance and run." The Exarch took the datapad in hand, pausing only to unleash a tremendous Force Push against the five as they mounted another attack. Xobos caught the worst of it and literally flipped three times before colliding with the water. The Vicelord's face was claimed by a sudden Oooooh.

"Hot take, you're built like a plumber." came the Exarch's words. Darth Metus squinted, reclaiming his device.

"Hot take, you're built like the letter D!" he snapped. His dominant hand raised, commanding the Smoke Demons under the waves to skirmish with the five. Out of the corner of his eye, he witnessed Lavria being suplexed into the water.

"Hot take, you founded the Confederacy to pay your child support." Another push, Danielle and Cordelia smacked together before skidding into the water.

"Hot take, this is the most action you've gotten in years." The Demons coiled around Srina's ankles, managing to drag her feet under the waves.

"Hot take, you were so bad at being a knuckle dragger that every dude yoinked your chit." Now that was a dig that gave Darth Metus pause, a reference to there now being Mand'alor the Reclaimer II: Electric Boogaloo.

"Hot take..." began the Vicelord, eyes squinting ever so slightly. This time, a column of might shrieked forth not towards the waterlogged five, but towards his gilded companion. The shove was well-placed, sudden, and saw the Exarch hurtle into the water with a mighty splash.

"Six on One are my preferred odds."