Every faction has an expiration date.

I can't tell you how loud that sentence has been rattling around in my head for the past few months. It's a reality that most don't ever want to think about. For me, it wasn't the presence on the map or the "prestige" of being a major that was the concern. But rather, an end to a community. I had worried, for a long time, that once the curtain fell it would be saying adieu to so many friends and memories made along the way. I'm happy to say, as I write this, that fear isn't the case. I find myself...oddly relieved in a weird way. And grateful.

It's easy to look at a discord server full of people and think "man, I did this. I'm awesome." But in truth, no faction - hell, no community - is a one man show. Everyone brings something unique to the table. Some folks are the rabid posters who can hammer out 30 posts in a day like it's nothing. Others have that infectious personality that encourages folks to stay and get comfortable. Everyone brings a little light to the community - and when you step back you get a spectacle.

So as the Confederacy of Independent Systems concludes this chapter, I want to take a moment to say thank you.

We've been home to many people over these last four years. Many of whom have moved on to create their own major factions. Many of whom who have become great leaders in the community. The CIS couldn't have achieved half of what it did without you.

To the Creative Team who've worked and moved on, I thank you. For the tireless efforts, for pushing our threads forward, for the endless ideas and support - thank you.

To Scherezade deWinter, Zlova Rue, and Vren Rook, there are countless threads that would have died if you hadn't thrown them over your shoulders and carried them to victory. Thank you so much for putting so much effort into every post and for always being there, no matter how big or small a story was.

To Tmoxin Temi, thank you for encouraging me to click create faction in the first place.

To Adron Malvern, Faye Malvern, and Luna Terrik, thank you for helping keep the torch lit in the midst of uncertainty. You three did your best, and I appreciate every moment.

To Rann Thress, thank you for making sure I put me and my mental health above this hobby. It's easy to forget sometimes. (A lot of the times).

To Kiff Brayde Kiff Brayde - you are the next generation. This is your time. Bow to no one, be the best major faction owner you can be. You've got this, I believe in you dude.​

The list goes on and on and on - for every single person who's ever said "sure, I'll be a new funky shade of purple", I appreciate you and the time you've spent working on the CIS staff team. Know that I carry every word you've typed with me, and I'm glad that we were apart of the same team when we were.

Ah, and then onto the admin team. Specifically, two people who've become beacons in the community.

John Locke John Locke - you are easily one of the greatest men I've ever met. Steadfast. Loyal. Brilliant. And your credit score puts mine to shame. Thank you for believing in us and busting ass when you were an admin. You've gone on to be the most level-headed and fair Factory admin the board's ever seen. (I'm horrendously biased Jon and Spencer, sue me). I'm super proud of you - and I'm so grateful for the time you were on the team. Thank you so much.

Srina Talon, where do I freaking start.

You are the best friend a guy could ask for. Firstly, thank you for being the best damn pocket dial I've ever had. Who'd have thunk sitting on my phone would get me one of the neatest people period in my life, right? You've kept me going in the worst times, on and off Chaos. You've always been unconditional - and unafraid to call me on my bullshit. Thank you, not only for helping me make the CIS an awesome faction, but for saving my life. You're an amazing woman. The Codex is lucky to have you.​

To my current team and those who still wave the CIS flag, you guys are soliders. You're standing with us in the midst of a brave new chapter. I've no intention to let the curtain fall completely - we may have let the map go, but the stories are going to keep on flowing. Thank you all for writing with us, for believing in us, and for having fun. I'm grateful to have led this faction - and I'm stoked to see where we go in the future.

8/20/17 - 12/5/2021​