Day 11: Myrkr
Damn! I was so close to getting the information. I was just on the verge of breakthrough and finding out where this planet was. That is, until those damned Vornskr attacks. A massive pack of them. Took all day to beat them back, and several ashlans were lost in the fight, some of which were vital to my research. This means I'll have to start all over again to find those missing pieces! Hmm... at least this means a little more time on Myrkr. Time away from the sith and time to hide. I feel like I have to speak quietly, but the truth is, I hate them. I know a jedi shouldn't hate, but I can't help it. Every day, again and again, I feel myself repulsed by their actions and ambitions. I'm sure that without this 'vacation' of sorts, I'd have gone insane long ago.