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Lot A: Two tickets for a seven day, all-expense paid vacation to Zeltron, complete with legitimately forged passports through Republic Customs
Winning Bid: [member="Turin Val Kur"]
Payment: 20,000 credits
Status: Legitimate

Lot B: Two hundred kilograms of electrum
Winning Bid: None

Payment: N/A
Status: Fake

Lot C: One refurbished Captivitas-E, complete with a mini-bar

Winning Bid: [member="Aedan Miles"]
Payment: One MMS-500.A1 Starfighter
Status: Legitimate

Lot D: One puzzle-box containing a datacron on the location of several ancient Je'daii monasteries
Winning Bid: [member="Aedan Miles"]

Payment: Three Druindfire Gems and two Facade-class pocket carriers
Status: Semi-Legitimate (Puzzle box is legit, data inside is fake)

Lot E: Ten vials of saliva taken from the fallen beast, Lotek'k

Winning Bid: [member="Nemene Talith"]
Payment: 100,000 credits

Status: Fake (Bantha spit)

Lot F: Twelve red Twi'lek female slaves
Winning Bid: [member="Aedan Miles"]
Payment: 12 Devastator-class Starfighters
Status: legitimate

Lot G: One holocron detailing the use of Spears of Midnight Black

Winning Bid: [member="D-Man"]
Payment: One ""Tsaiwinokka Hoyakut" scroll
Status: Fake

Lot H: Stolen research notes on the manufacturing of trihexalon

Winning Bid: None
Payement: N/A
Status: Fake

Lot I: One holocron on the basic arts of Dathomiri magic
Winning Bid: [member="Zander"]
Payment: One Taozin Amulet, two crates of "Lola", one crate of "Melinda"
Status: Legitimate

Lot J: One datacron detailing the three likely locations for the holocron of Emperor Palpatine

Winning Bid: [member="Ikki Ike"]
Payment: Monofiliment Net Launcher, Maid and massage service for a month
Status: Fake

Lot K: One holocron detailing the use and study of the rare Force Power, Force Drain

Winning Bid: [member="Darth Banshee"]
Payment: 200,000 credits
Status: Fake

Lot M: One bag of hurrikane crystals
Winning Bid: [member="Saran Drast"]
Payment: 7,000 credits
Status: Semi-Legitimate (Some real, some fake. Estimated value; 20,000 credits)

Lot N: One DNA sample of the late Jedi Grandmaster, Tefka
Winning Bid: [member="Lord Eclipsion"]
Payment: 250,500 credits, intelligence gathered upon the Republic from Operation Flood, 5,000 Skivvian slaves and servants and 50 Skivvian Artists.
Status: Fake

Lot O: One holocron detailing the dangerous Force ability known as Force Storm and the basics of its use
Winning Bid: [member="Selka Ventus"]
Payment: The complete files of every Jedi Shadow breaking Republic law before the Olra'en administration, at Jedi Council-level clearance. Also, the complete war crimes file on Matsu Ike, including thorough holorecordings.
Status: Fake

Lot P: One lock of hair from the Lady Protector, Cira.
Winning Bid: [member="Trenchcoat Man"]
Payment: Trakata holocron
Status: Fake
Source: Underworld Auction