[quote name="Selka Ventus" post="343646" timestamp="1399264740" date="05 May 2014 - 12:39 AM"]
Lot A: Mystery Corporate Stock, High Tier - 5% of Silk Holdings
*The crate of gems offered by @[member="Danger Arceneau"]

Lot B: Mystery Corporate Stock, Low Tier - 10% of Reardon Metalworks
*The offer from @[member="Captain Larraq"] and Mandal Hypernautics

Lot C: Mystery Corporate Stock, Low Tier - 10% of Akure Executive Leatherworks
*The offer from the inimitable Mr. @[member="Jonathon Patches"]

Lot D: Mystery Weapon, Personal - QQ-83n sidearm
*One X-Wing starfighter from @[member="Lord Daemos"]

Lot E: Mystery Weapon, Personal - Jorus Merrill’s gun
*A crate of sonic shotguns from @[member="Domino"]

Lot F: Mystery Weapon, Personal - Storm, wakizashi of Zaiden, captured at Eriadu
*One hundred thousand credits and an alchemical blade by @[member="Ashe the Reaper"]

Lot G: Mystery Weapon, Personal - Viper, katana of Zaiden, captured at Eriadu
*One emergency evacuation, provided by @[member="Anders Sivas"]

Lot H: Mystery Clothing - BlasTech Iron Skin and AEL Leviathan Bracers
*One night or one death, as provided by @[member="Mikhail Shorn"]

Lot I: Mystery Clothing - one AEL Cater Coat, undyed
*Eternal youth, as promised by @[member="Ashe the Reaper"]

Lot J: Mystery Droid - Scanpack
*@[member="Captain Larraq"]’s car

Lot K: Mystery Item, Small - Holocron on Transfer Force, possibly from the Jedi archives heist
*Holocron of Flow-walking made by @[member="Spencer Jacobs"]

Lot L: Mystery Item, Small - A Chunk of the Obsidian Throne of the Sith Empire - very rare, as Gilamar Skirata melted the throne; this is pre-Mandalorian invasion
*A beskad handmade by Field Marshal @[member="Ordo"]

Lot M: Mystery Starship - Reclaimer-class Repair Ship
*Next 100 tons of salvage or starship taken by the privateer @[member="Celeste Leon"]

Lot N: Mystery Starship, Small
No offer accepted by seller. Will probably be offered at a later auction.[/quote]
Source: SSB Mystery Item Auction Number Two - Barter Preferred