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[color=rgb(255,165,0)]Donated for Auction by Ori'Alor Tal'Verda[/color]

These are all for a single thread each.
  • LOT A: 2x Cabur'Akaata Battle Companies(100 True Mandalorian Troopers each; 60% Standard Infantry, 20% Anti-Vehicle/Air, 10% Scout/Snipers, 10% Heavy Weapons)
  • Won by [member="Ordo"] for 800kg of Bantha meat and 400 liters of blue milk fresh from my Farm on Okyaab VI.
  • LOT B: 1x Ori'Ramikad Demolitions specced Team(1x Leader, 2x Demolitions Experts, 1x Shock Trooper)
  • LOT C: 2x Ori'Ramikad Sniper Teams(1x Spotter/Trooper, 1x Sniper; Each)
  • LOT D: Ori'Alor Tal'Verda Mercenary Contract
  • Lots B through D Won by Danger Arceneau for 500,000 credits
[color=rgb(255,165,0)]Donated for Auction by Zothustro Quill CEO of Cestus Cybernetics[/color]
  • LOT E: [x100] Z3 Labor Droids
  • Won by [member="Ember Rekali"] for 2 million credits.
  • LOT F: [x075] S2 Field Medic Droids
  • LOT G: [x050] S3 Search & Rescue Droids
  • LOT H: [x025] Z4 Cargo Loading Droids
  • Lots F through H won by [member="Jecht Thrash"] for 2.5 Billion Credits With the hopes that the credits will be put to use on Druckenwell and a promise that the droids will be sent to aid in the reconstruction and clean-up of Druckenwell.
[size=5]Donated for Auction by Jecht Thrash CEO of Daw Motors

[background=rgb(30,30,30)]All other items Located HERE[background=rgb(30,30,30)] are on sale, 15% off complete cost with no money down for 6 months.[/size]
  • LOT I: 10% of Daw Motors Shares from yours truly
  • Won by [member="Rave Merrill"] for 50 million credits
LOT J.1 : Speedster
LOT J.2 : Speedster
LOT J.3: Speedeter
LOT J.4: Speedeter[/size]
  • LOT N: 1 PIMPED MSL-67
  • Won by [member="Wirch Bicket"] The use of me and my men for reconstruction efforts on Drunkenwell for a galactic standard month. My men are very studious in their work and have felt that the damage done was incredibly unfortunate. (complimentary of Danger Arceneau 500,000 credits)
  • Won by [member="Vaudin Miir"] And my personal aid in transporting goods and services to the druckenwell system.(complimentary of Danger Arceneau 500,000 credits)
  • LOT P: 4 Family Tours of Daw Motors Factory on Mandalore {Sneak Peak of Daw Motors Newest Vehicles, coming to a Sector near you}
  • Won by Danger Arceneau for 100,000 credits
[size=5]Donating for Auction by Jack Sparrow

  • LOT R: One date with the charming Minister of Trade and Senator Jack Sparrow
  • Won by @Gezus Skel for one credit, and a unique pair of polis-massan sweatsocks.

[size=5]Donated for Auction by CEO Ordo of MandalTech
  • LOT S: 1x Okyaab-class freighter in orbit right now.
  • LOT T: 80% off of any public order or military order for approved customers.
  • Lot S through T Won by Danger Arceneau for 500,000 credits
[size=5]Donating for Auction by HK-36

  • LOT U: One date with the charming Baron and Exarch of Abregado-Rae, HK-36
  • Won by [member="Dalansa"] for one mission to aid in Druckenwell Aftermath ( complimentary of Danger Arceneau 100,000)
[size=5]Donating for Auction by Aaralyn Rekali

  • LOT V: One training session and a Date for FU. If not a FU, then it is a surprise!
  • Won by Keith Borris for 100,000 credits.
[size=5]Donating for Auction by Noah Corek

  • LOT W: One evening out with Noah Corek.
  • Won by Jimbob Cooter for one credit ( cheapskate!)
[size=5]Donated for Auction by Countess Calum Teramo

  • LOT X: A 5 course meal with the Lady Countess Calaum of Greater House Teramo of the great planet of Serreno.
  • Won by: [member="Noah Corek"] for 3 million credits

  • LOT Y: Courtesy of Ash, Pembrooke and Hazalji, Attorneys at law, my firm will play for an all-expenses paid weekend in a health spa on Koltos, complete with food, travel and amenities
  • Won by Danger Arceneau for 100,000 credits
[size=5]Donated for auction by Hayato
  • Lot Z: One custom force imbued blade crafted by Master Hayato.
  • Won by @Aeden miles for the entirety of his savings 4.5 million credits. (money earned selling his ships to Mandal Hypernautics, the total sum of the entire lot sold.)
Source: SSB Druckenwell Charity Blind Auction - NOW LIVE