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Current bids
@Tyri Lsu SOLD
Templar-class Light Freighter (3)
Viceroy-class Star Yacht (1)
Replenish-class Bulk Freighter (5)
HCE-778 Planetary Survey Craft (5)
5.5 million Credits
1 of each modern Czerka Arms Armament
Lifetime Supply of Ammunition and repairs on said armaments
2 of each old (canon) Czerka Arms armament
Lifetime supply ammunition/repairs on said armaments
3% Czerka Arms income for three years

Saber --- Seller still contemplating.
1x Holocron holding the teachings of Djem So70k @[member="Tyri Lsu"] SOLD
Source: SSB Auction: Rare Materials and Specialty Items Auction - Anonymous Sellers