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Current Open Market Products :

Automatons :
O.R.B. Repair Unit
LDYB-S1 Unit
SLV-R Unit

Vessels :
"The Claw"
Silurus-Class Exploration and Research Vessel - Built only by request

Mining :
Takaroa- Class Mining Facility - Underwater mining
SMC-G01 Gas Mining Droid

Current Closed Market Products:

TOMAS Class Automaton - Silk Holdings ; Those operating a space train system
BR-BL3 - Silk Holdings
L1-AL - Levantine Sanctum

About :

Salacia Consolidated is involved in automaton manufacturing and refurbishing, small technology salvage, and minor shipworks. A subsidiary, Sedna Mining Corporation , is involved in underwater mining and mineral refinement. Locations are currently on the south end of the Galaxy, on the following planets : Ceto, Kesh, Tantra, Karideph and Fondor[Shipyard Only].

Source: Salacia Consolidated