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Lot A: A set of Dashi Robes: Saber and blaster resistant robes: [member="Vala Melina"] 750 credits. Inner lining blue

Lot B: A pair of Murr Earrings: Force enhancing earrings: [member="Ashin Varanin"] A minor holocron containing detailed participant and witness accounts of Ashin Varanin's two battles with Darth Moridin, both of which ended in hyperspace events.

Lot C: Force obscuring bracelet: A taozin flesh nodule to hide yourself from all but the strongest at sensing: [member="Darth Praelior"] One Utawarerumono Class Alchemist Frigate

Lot D: A pair of gaintlets: Saber resistant gauntlets with knuckler blades fashioned after Darron Wraith: [member="Noah Corek"] 5 Crates of Hekler'Kok AUG Modular Blaster Systems (10 Per Crate) (All Accessories Included)

Lot E: Aegis Blade designs: [member="Noah Corek"] [background=rgb(8,8,8)]500,000 Credits, [background=rgb(8,8,8)]Five Hekler'Kok Special Edition Blaster Pistols,Five Free Custom Minor-Production Weapons, Three Custom Thorn-class ICV Built to buyers specs,Four Modern Refitted BX Commando Droids, Five Nariom-class Light Tanks Built to the buyers specs and the schematics for the Hammerhead-class Cruiser, a piece of history.

Lot F: Kira Liadain's cookie tin (comes with Grandma Liadain's secret recipe): [member="Noah Corek"] 1,000 credits

Lot G: Datacron on lightsaber forms: Detailing the basics of the seven forms of lightsaber combat (can teach the basics of one form): [member="Rave"] Merill One holocron detailing the process of creating advanced holocrons, not just liddle bitty datacrons.

Lot H: Datacron on the Codex: Collected works detailing the Kathol Rift (would help navigate to the Embrace): [member="Rave"] Merill One holocron detailing the anatomy, behavior, and special properties of the Leviathan of Corbos, the terentatek, and the hssiss or Dark Side dragon.

Lot I: Datacron on Force enhancement: Learn how to inbue swords, and armor with the force to strengthen them: [member="Rave Merrill"] One minor holocron detailing the process of substituting one's own blood for innocent blood in Sith alchemical metallurgy.

Lot J: Datacron on Galactic Lore: Force sensitive objects, ancient cults and collected works of Tionne: [member="Ayden Cater"] A personal datacron from Ayden Cater's library detailing the basics of Transfer Force, the ability to use one's own connection to the Force to strengthen another's connection.

Lot K: Datacron on Fallanassi: Collected information on the Fallanassi and their White current (learn the first step of the white current): [member="Ayden Cater"] A personal datacron from Ayden Cater's library extensively detailing the immediate after effects of the Gulag Plague and chronicling his travels throughout galaxy during the Four Hundred Years of Darkness. A near perfect record of life in the Inner Rim, Colonies, and Mid Rim with numerous entries on life in the Expansion Region and Outer Rim territories, plus six prototype starfighters

Lot L: Datacron on The Chu'unthor: Collected records and details of what the crew encountered and learned while stranded on Dathomir and datatapes (learn the basics of Dathomiri magics, contains the ships schematics): [member="Seroth Ur-Rahn"] One Terentatek hide savaged from a beast slain in the depths of Dromund Kaas' lightless tunnel-mazes, One QQ-15L-3 ExCon Suit, and the 'Iron Snake'; the original concept-vessel for Silk Holding's robust SH-LS-78 Winter Eagle pattern at a value of over 200,000 credits.

Lot M: Datacron on the Disciples of Twilight: Collected works about their prowess with ancient techniques (learn the base of light bending): [member="Talon Vosra"] An Sigma-class transport and subjugator-class assault ship plus two solari Crystals from Rhen Var

Lot N: Sigil of Hope: A mental shield that enhances the force: [member="Ashin Varanin"] A complete set of dossiers on every member of the Sith Order as of the end of Empress Desmius' reign, including information granted by the highest level of security clearance available at the time.

Lot O: Darron Wraith's hair clips: [member="Darth Praelior"] A holocron labelled 'Nightsister Blood Trail Ritual'

Lot P: Sasori Staff: A multipurpose staff: [member="Selinica Miriya Cailis"] 500 credits

Lot Q: Designs for an Atrisian Parasol: Concealed weapon for personal protection and class: [member="Ashe the Reaper"] 100,000 Credits Paid by Saera Savan (mommy has access to her account as legal guardian of a minor), 1 Terentatek Duster (Indigo)

Lot R: A Defender class Corvette: [member="Aedan Miles"] 3 Facade-class pocket carriers (Full compliment), 2 Dire-class patrol ships full compliment, 8 Druindfire gems.

Lot S: Ancient jedi signet ring: [member="Jared Ovmar"] 2,000 credits

Lot T: Ossus robes: [member="Maya Whitelight"] as a consolation gift

Lot U: Manaan robes: [member="Vala Melina"] 700 credits. Entire robe dark blue

Lot V: Dalaang robes: [member="Vala Melina"] 1000 credits. White[/quote]
Source: Overstock auction