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Lot A:
Mistress Kurah Rrusho - [Republic Blue], 50 Kilograms of Glistaweb, 1 Amphistaff
[member="D-Man"] - 20 Kilograms of Beskar, 20,000 Credits

Lot B:
[member="Alli Wren"] - 600,000 Credits, Limited Edition Circe Savan Datacron
Matsu Ike - 100,000 Credits, 2 Durindfire Gems
Danger Arceneau - 1 Live Exotic Animal Hunt of Choice, 500,000 Credits

Lot C:
[member="Danger Arceneau"] - 1 Bottle of Whyren's Reserve Batch NN182

Lot D:
[member="Aedan Miles"] - 2 Durindfire Gems, 1 Squadron of Dread-Class Light Fighters, 1 Squadron of Remnant-Class Multirole Fighters

Lot E:
Alli Wren - 100,000 Credits, 1 Custom Item by Baktoid Industrial Systems, Enough Cortosis to make Something of Use
[member="Rave Merrill"] - Sample of the Zerek Strain, Sample of the Vongspawn Virus
Cira - 1 Sample of Sap taken from Original Remains of Circe Savan

Lot F:
[member="Matsu Ike"] - Datacron of Matsu Ike's Study and Utilization of Lightsaber Forms I through VII and Notes on Lus-Ma, Trakata, Sokan, exotic and Telekinetic Saber Combat, Datacron/Lessons on highest level of Alter Environment
Alli Wren - 100,000 Credits, 1 Custom Item by Baktoid Industrial Systems

Lot G:
[member="Noah Corek"] - 2.2% of Tarascii Explosives

Lot H:
[member="Noah Corek"] - 1,000,000 Credits, 5 Custom Weapon Orders from HK
Ayumi Pallopides - 10 Kilograms of Netheranium, 5 Kilograms of Madilon

Lot I:
[member="Alli Wren"] - 100,000 Credits, 1 Personal Favor
Elanna Ak'lya - 20,000 Credits, 1 Personal Favor
Knight - Genetic Sample of the Zerek Strain, Reports on a Person and Effects on Shi'ido Shapeshifting, Stygium (Development Thread Assistance)

Lot J:
[member="Aedan Miles"] - 600,000 Credits

Lot K:
[member="Silver Wolf"] - 400,000 Credits, 1 Personal Favor

Lot L:
Noah Corek - 30% off all Hekler'kok Contracts, 500 Crates of AUG Modular Blasters
[member="Darth Praelior"] - Utawarerumono-Class Alchemist Frigate

Lot M:
[member="Matsu Ike"] - 1 Zirconianfire Crystal to dispose of Lot

Lot N:
D-Man - Copy of Knotters of Entrails, 50,000 Credits, 1 Speeder/Cruiser combination of Choice
[member="Rave Merrill"] - Holocron containing Medical-Grade Reports and Analysis on the non-Blackwing, non-Mnggal-Mnggal, non-Dark Harvest strain of Undead Virus found in the Denon Outbreak, producing highly intelligent Zombies, and significant but incomplete Data on Rakghouls

Lot O:
[member="Darth Praelior"] - Designs for Anti-Orbital Prototype Cannon, Secrets of the Caries Waters for Alchemy, 1 Box of Caries Breaker Grenades (Please Specify Exact Amount)

Lot P:
[member="Aedan Miles"] - 3 Durindfire Gems, 3 Dire-Class Patrol Ships + Full Complement

Lot Q:
Noah Corek - 10,000 Credits
D-Man - 10,000 Credits, 1 Frigate of Choice, 1 Droid of Choice as Bodyguard + Full Armor set from JAC
Rave Merrill - Medical-Grade Biological Samples of Denon Virus and Rakghoul Plague
Darth Praelior - 500 Unseelie
[member="Alli Wren"] - 1 Custom Ship by Baktoid Industrial Systems + Cloaking Device or other Advanced System

Lot R:
Alli Wren - 100,000 Credits, Promise to 1 Vinithi-B-Gone
Matsu Ike - 1 Zirconianfire Crystal to dispose of Lot (Withdrawn; Charged 100,000 Credit Cancellation Fine)
[member="Danger Arceneau"] - Samples of Bando Gora Reaver DNA[/quote]
Source: Just Another Auction: Saybin Auctions