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Lot B: Designs for Jedi discblades: [member="Ayden Cater"] A set of Akure Leather Bracers

Lot C: Walking with Ysanna (Learning the secret to projectile guidance): [member="Astrian Callus"] [background=rgb(8,8,8)]525,000 credits, two Tartoros-Class Walker's and a Unit of SC1 Battle Droids

Lot E: Abridged history of the Sith empire from Adas to Vulcanis (abridged history of the lord of the sith and their empires rise and falls) Contains all 32 volumes, maps of the valley of the dark lords and recovered lists of collected items: [member="Ayden Cater"] Personal datacron from Ayden's library detailing the methodology for stable Force clones.

Lot F: Mysteries of of the Kooroo (collected notes and incidents of the ancient cult with known sites of their alters and rituals): [member="Cira"] 10,000 credits 1 Dahomey Diamond.

Lot G: Pair of lightsaber batons: [member="Saran Drast"] 2000 Credits and the Crucible

Lot H: Alas Poor Sulamar (Details the life and times of Sulamar from his rise to an *Imperial General* to his fall in the galactic battle of the Darksaber): [member="Cira"] 10,000 credits and ten cases of Vine-Coffee and 1 Flame gem

Lot K: Set of rare Champion jedi armor: [member="Særa Ayña Savan"] One of the former Mnenchei Dominion's sacred Ri'essi Lightsabers (Lightclub) from the lost order of the Justiciary of Ri'ess
  • Carbon-Cobalt-Titanium Alloy, Gold Trimmed, Force-Treated Curved Hilt
  • Pure Mnencheiasurian Kalestat Crystal Set (Vanilla Force Crystal Stats)
  • Engraved in Mnenchalus and Aurebesh "Magister Alachei Mnemenos"
  • (I made the picture, so please credit me if you're going to change things up or use it in a new submission)
Lot L: Dust in the Wind (The basic's of force scattering): [member="Astrian Callus"] [background=rgb(8,8,8)]800,000 credits and a group of four MK II Hell-Fire droids and a CZ-834 Crossbow also thee personal favors from the White Wolf himself, a krayt dragon playboy magazine and a bunch of recordings from the female Templar's shower room and a Viceroy Star Yacht, Templar Class Light Freighter , 2 tickets to the "Zambrano's On Ice" Opera play and also a shipment of Cortosis gained through a challenge. (Duel With Mikhail Shorn) and two Tartoros-Class Walker's and six personal favors from the White Wolf himself and a discount card for "Krayt's Are Us" and the one time special offer of a learning how to hunt and track animals and creatures.

Lot O: Aurora (The basic's of Rainbow Storm): [member="Særa Ayña Savan"]
  • One custom-crafted Unique item from the Crystal Heart Workshop*
  • 1.5% of Ri'ess Regal Drives (From Saera) - or - Current Market Value
  • One Flight (4) of Deathbell Superiority Starfighters
  • One guaranteed Contract for a (Set Limited) Star Destroyer or (Unique) Command Ship
  • One Alchemically Treated "Crushclaw" (A Crushgaunt... with claws), Embedded with One Minor Sith Amulet or Alchemic Trinket of Choice (Submission will be made by me upon decision) - or - One Basic Pair of Crushgaunts
  • One Bes'bev
Lot P: Collected works of Samuro (His life and death from the Perspective of Mace Windu, teaches the Words of Banishment): [member="Ayden Cater"] One of Ayden's personal datacrons detailing his research and use of Transfer Essence

Lot Q: Miniature Muntuur Stones and A mental maze: [member="Ember Rekali"] One treatise on the creation of Watchers, plus six fully functional and somewhat intractable Watchers, suitable for politely but firmly securing three to six very important Jedi doors. Also, a full file detailing what Ember and the Mandalorian forces found after tearing down the Dromund Kaas Citadel.

Lot R: Crystal and Edge: Lightsaber Construction and Philosophy (a copied text on how to build lightsabers and their meaning. Great for fledgling force groups or beginners)[Good for lessons from Matsu]: [member="Maya Whitelight"] 10,000 credits

Lot S: Lectures on the Nature of the Force (Collected writing of Ood Bnar on the basic's of the force Great for fledgling force groups or beginners)[Good for Lessons from Matsu]: [member="Maya Whitelight"] 10,000 credits

Lot T: Zeison Shal discblade: [member="Mirshen"] Captain Larraq’s car, 2 durindfire gems, pictures of Aedan Miles at Protectorate Karaoke night, Iron Skin, Chai La weapon designs and one of the Ropo's Aedan Miles smuggled from Corellia to Fondor

Lot U: Case of arsensalts (great against vong biotech): [member="Cira"] Ten cases of Vine-Silk and 1 Flame gem

Lot V: Jal Shey datacron (Armor, equipment and philosophies of the group): [member="Ayden Cater"] OmniPod tech plus six Wasp-class starfighters

Lot W: Antique Force Detector: [member="Basaba Willamina"] 5kg Beskar

Lot Z: The collected volumes of Sar Agorn with comparison's and commentary from Tionne Volume 1-42, contains research notes from Tionne as well as maps, dig notes and logs of what was recovered: [member="Ayder Cater"]
  • 140,000 and a datacron detailing the collected xenoarchaeological research on the 434ABY New Galaxy Rebuilding plan concerning the Vong teraforming of Carida.
  • A datacron detailing the bando gora reavers, lore, and research notes on the outbreak on Denon, Naboo, Munstafar, and Bespin.
  • 5 Hurrikaine crystals.
  • 3 Flame gems.
  • And one datacron detailing the research notes of Talia Al Ghul, leading xenoarcheologist on the Elrood artifact that is known to turn vong shaped sentients into Force Users. ( dark harvest - proof via Sarge )
  • Ayden's personal Kerrigan Coat from AEL
  • Holorecordings of the fight with Lotek'k
  • A holocron reviewing the fight with Lotek'k, an analysis of the fight, and initial research into the possibility of a second summoning (lacks original ritual to summon. Primarily speculative.)
  • A datacron from Ayden's library detailing the genetic aftermath of the Gulag Plague on several major worlds, including Coruscant, Corellia, Alderaan, and Naboo
  • All recovered research notes and findings on trihexalon as well as all recoverable samples from Maramere
  • One bag full of hurrikaine crystals
  • One sample of an unknown crystalline entity as well as notes and holovid footage of the incident
  • Thirty-Six Turhaya freighters, modified to the Order's need
  • Schematics and quotes to construct two Praxeum ships
  • 500,000 credits
  • And the Red Queen AI responsible for the Clockwork attack on Fondor.
Source: Benzaiten House (Jedi auction series two)