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Akure Executive Leatherworks, formerly Laekia House of Leatherwork, is a haute couture establishment specializing in the rarest possible materials. All AEL products can be custom tailored to fit. Special orders are accepted.

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Spring Line

Force-repellent Terentatek leather surrounds a braided durasteel cable core. The perfect bounty hunting or law enforcement accessory. Available in bulk to corporations and governments.

Leviathan Bracers - 100,000cr​
Proprietary molecular-circuitry current sinks in the knuckles allow these energy-resistant bracers to handle lightning of all sorts.

Terentatek Duster, the 'Cater Coat' - 1,000,000cr​
Full resistance to a wide range of Sith and Jedi abilities.

Lotek'k Jacket, the 'Kerrigan Coat' - 2,500,000cr​
Wear the hide of the galaxy's apex predator. Significant lightsabre resistance, aura self-defense effect, trimmed in jakobeast fur.

Summer Line

Plaeryin Bol - 25,000cr​
Biotech eye replacement, spits poison ten metres.

Glistaweb Attire - 40,000cr​
Shimmering, living fabric, shaped into whatever garments you require. Repels light to moderate blasterfire.

Taozin Amulet - 100,000cr​
Grade-A living Taozin hide nodule, tastefully set in electrum or matte finish. Confuses and blurs Force senses. Not guaranteed against specialized Force tracking techniques.

Cloak of Nuun - 1,300,000cr​
Biotechnology at its finest. High-grade active camouflage bodysuit. Not for the faint of heart.

LeviaCan Tinned Meat - 2500cr for a case of 50​
Feast on choice cuts of leviathan and terentatek, and gain a connection to the Force itself. The original soul food.

An experimental phrik alloy with fine leather -- the first and only choice for lightsabre-resistant swords on the open market.

Bodo Baas Gunbelt - 500,000cr​
Based on forgotten Jedi mysteries, this terentatek leather gunbelt keeps Forcers from taking your weapons -- and always carries a little more ammunition than you thought you had.

Warden Cloak - 50,000cr​
Soft, sturdy cloth impregnated with two kilograms of cortosis ore dust, the Warden Cloak will keep out the elements...and just about any lightsabre.

A very hard-hitting heavy blaster pistol made of solid phrik and terentatek horn. Made in conjunction with Merr-Sonn and Mohc Extractives.

Note: All AEL products except the Lotek'k Jacket are also available in exchange for the hides of terentateks, tikulini, and Leviathans of Corbos. (Other items may be accepted, such as the bones of a Nighthunter, the scales of an Eol Sha fireworm or a Zillo beast, the scaly skin of an akk dog or akk wolf, etc.) The Jacket, if not purchased, is reserved for those who legitimately capture one of these creatures alive for transport to AEL's holding facilities.​
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Private orders, not necessarily publicly known or associated with AEL:
Fett Kal trench knife (Mandalorians)​
Cira's armor (personal)​
Evelynn's staff (personal)​
Second Skin (personal)​
Nemene Talith's armor (personal)​
C.H.I.T. darts (partial contribution, personal)​
Darth Isolda's armor (personal)​
Ember Rekali's armor (partial contribution, personal)​
Daesumnor (personal)​
Calrissian-class Freighter (partial contribution, open market)​
The Lonesome Gun (personal)​

Source: Akure Executive Leatherworks