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"Yeah, I uh... got your stuff for you! Hey don't get snippy with me! Just because it took a year doesn't mean it isn't here now! Why you little-" Excerpt of Akovin Stock Co. Owner Triam Akovin, upon delivery of a big shipment of restricted materials to a certain Hutt Chancellor (>.> <.<)... and a subsequent break down of temperament.

Here's what I have available today! Take a look:
  • Kitty Kat Kurb Stomp Boots: Asking Price=60,000 Credits a pair. Very Limited Supply (around five, more can be made if price is increased. High Demand will require cooperative Dev Threads). Good for Minor Telekinesis protection, and great destructive power when dropped from heights, modifications capable of greater joint protection and shock absorbers, and generating voice command prompts for activation or deactivation.
  • Phantom fingers: Asking Price=75,000 Credits a Glove. Limited Supply (around a dozen, more can be made if price is increased. High Demand will require cooperative Dev Threads). Great for subduing targets and grants incredible maneuverability, capable of surprising lightsaber wielders by a magnetic shield that protects cables from damage for one swing, and lastly the glove guard can be modified to a variety of materials (i.e., Cortosis) for further surprise effects.
  • C.H.I.T. Darts: Asking Price=1,000 Credits a Dart (Terentatek Shells not for sale currently). Limited Supply (hundreds). Tactically flexible, and can be used in several ways to subdue or kill a target either through the method of setting up traps or by firing them from a dart launcher.

Restricted Materials are my specialty of obtaining (but don't ask [member="Popo"] about it). Private Orders are allowed here, though don't expect it to be fast. These services take time to complete. Also, if I'm particularly swamped with requests, please try to refrain from adding to my pile, I don't want to build too bad of a rep :p

Source: Akovin Stock Co.