So hi... Haven't done this in awhile... Guess I'll pick up where people last knew me... The last time I faced the galaxy I was turned into a cyborg, a monster of my former self. I couldn't take it. No more flesh on my skin, no more anything. Just machine. It drove me mad, or so people say. I think it was the raw feeling of it. I didn't like the thought of not being able to control my emotions or thoughts anymore. But that was a long time ago.

I left, into the unknown regions where I meditated and studied the ancient teachings of my ancestor, Revan. I was preparing. Velok told me that I couldn't waste my life a second time, that instead of obsessing over power of the Dark Side, I should instead destroy the Empire for all they had done to me. So I did. I trained my mind and body, prepared it for the future battles to come. But I wouldn't just return and destroy them. It would be stupid.

So I waited. Watched as the Sith Empire destroyed itself, with the Republic and Mandalorians helping them along the way. And then, when the time was right, I would reemerge and finish the job. I think I did okay.

But what now? I dedicated so many years, so much of my life to that singular goal, what will I do now? I grow tired of fighting and warring. I seek to rest and live a life of peace. However my ties with the darkness might not let that happen... However dark, I still manage to find some light. No matter how small that light is, I must cherish and protect it. For it is all I have left.