Evil Is Born from Love Part 1

The circumstances of one's birth in their exact genetic composition has near impossible odds. I have tried to calculate it time and time again but it the one equation that has always eluded me. Yet here I am and here you are. There are quadrillions of people of various species in this Galaxy alone, if you take into account those from the Galaxies that have attempted to invade this one it becomes an unfathomable amount. More beings then then there are stars in the heavens, so insignificant and small we truly all are.

My mother was born on the world Dathomir long before Allya came to the world and created the Book of Laws. At the time my mother was born Dathomir was part of the Paecian Empire, the world was inhabited by prisoners and outcasts of Paecian Empire that formed into tribes. At this time the Kwa the natives of Dathomir had already faded away there descendants the Kwi a former shadow of what they use to. The Zabrak had just started being dumped off on the world by the Paecian Empire.

My Mother was born to Demon Witch of Dathomir who had conquered the Howling Crags tribe and good portion of Dathomir before her soul was trapped in the black candle with the blue flame. My maternal grandmother's story is one for another time though. As she was trapped in the Black Candle with the blue flame my mother succeeded her as leader of the Howling Crags clan. Before the time of Allya Dathomir worshiped many Gods like the Fanged God, Winged Goddess, and a few others. The primary God of the Howling crags was the Grey Wolf another personification of the Fanged God or possibly the winged Goddess the truth lost to history.

My mother ascended to the leader of Clan but it only lasted a few months before those clans who trapped my grandmother came for her. Taken as a slave and sold to a far off world to cleanse there world of the stain they felt The Demon Witch left on it. My mother was sold to a savage and brutal tribe on Zonju V. The types tortures and abuse she suffered because of her exotic beauty by that tribe I cannot mention but your dark imaginations can run wild. Everyone in that tribe wanted to claim her as their property.

My Father I am not sure where he was born exactly as he never talks about it. I know he came Zonju V because that was where his mother was from. Him and his three brothers came to the world to take control of their mothers tribe when her brother passed away who had been the former leader of the tribe. The Tribe took them in made them family almost immediately, My uncle Abel the oldest set to become the new tribe leader. My father Blade Ice at that time known as Blade Bacquin and his twin Cade to become enforcers or head of the military jointly. Then my uncle Seth (a slight snarl under Tegan's breath as she speaks that name) was set to become the head of scholars or shaman.

Though the first law the brothers in acted was a decree there would be absolutely no slavery and that they would not deal with other tribes that dealt in the act. You have to understand where ever my father and his brothers came from everyone was free and enslavement was punishable by death. Though my paternal grandmothers tribe never practiced such an act so it wasn't something that needed to be enforced with in the tribe. After that decree the tribe began to prepare for the brother's coronation of leadership.

The brothers while the tribe prepared, they set out to meet the nearby tribes. Most of the tribes already traded with my father's tribe so the meetings were peaceful. Some they had to prove themselves to usually through contests of Strength or gifts of offerings. One however was that tribe of savages that had my Mother as a slave. The odds my parents would meet where astronomical, but they did. Perhaps it was fate or some sort of divine intervention.

The sight of the savage tribe made my fathers blood boil how they treated not just their slaves but each other. Brutality ruled over this tribe in disgusting fashion but there were even worse tribes out there then this one. Hell, this one probably descended from one of those tribes but I don't know for sure as my Father was about them to show them brutality the likes they never saw.

The savages scoffed as my father and his brothers where lead into the tribes little nomadic village. My father had nothing but disgust for these people as he walked past slave pits dug into the ground and torture racks where they punished even children. That's the funny thing about my father he has issue with killing but he has never killed a child. He will slaughter their parents in front of them and just walk away, he says killing the weak and defenseless like children denies them chance to grow up and become stronger. Everyone should be allowed to grow up and be given a chance at vengeance or to choose another path. That may seem strange a man who became a Sith Lord hates slavery and won't kill children. He would say it because a child doesn't have a choice in their weakness whereas an adult does. He would say a slave just needs to be empowered to show weather they are strong or weak, until they have a chance at freedom you won't know what they truly are.

That tribe was slaughtered by the end of the day not a single man lived and any woman that didn't try to fight alongside the men was spared. The sand turned red, and the tents and huts were burned. The heads of the men and women of the tribe who fought put on spikes outside the village as a warning. The slaves were freed and given offer to join my fathers tribe. The Woman who did not fight and Children where taken back to my fathers village to be judged by the elders as to weather they could join the tribe. Among the slaves was my mother who had no home to go back too so took the offer of joining. All the brothers enamored by her beauty. My uncle Seth (Tegan spits at the mention of the name) the most lustful of them all, all he could do was talk about her on there trek back to the village. That day the village's people doubled my father and his brothers were heralded as great hero's and a feast was given in their honor.