[background=Do you need a company to link for your Tech subs?[/font]
[background=I’m easy so I’ll offer up the following companies for you to enjoy and use if you want a Tier 6 company to submit subs. I honestly don’t mind if anyone uses ATC to create their items, i’ve done this all the time and told people go crazy. Just make sure you add tags ( Arceneau Trade, ATC) . It makes it easier to search for products that way. You don’t even have to contact me. Just have fun and RP guys. :)[/font]
As an added incentive, ICLY ATC will pay royalties in the form of 10% annual sales to the Tech subber for cashflow.
*Note: Also remember that you also still have the option to use "Various" or the name of your faction or your own character (provided its not a line of starships or something big like that). This offer is if you want a distinct well known company to link back to or to produce it at a higher production rate. ( Minor & Mass)



[background=[url=""]Arceneau Trade Company[/url]
[background=Tier 6[/size]

  • [background=Research & Development in all operations[/font]
    [*][background=Fringe Technology[/font]



[background=[font=tahoma][background=[url=""]BlastTech Industries[/url]

[background=[font=tahoma][background=Tier 4[/size]

  • [background=Armstech[/font]
    [*][background=Planetary Defenses[/font]

[background=[url=""]Browncoat Arms & Industrial
Tier 5
  • Armstech
  • Armormech
  • Cybertech
  • Vehicles


[background=[url=""]Haven Shipyards[/url]
[background=Tier 3[/size]

  • Shipwright
  • Shipbuilder
  • Research and Development
  • Vehicles (Airspeeder, ground speeder)

Tier 3
  • Production, refinement, and distribution of Tibanna gas into TibannaX.
  • Production, refinement, and distribution of liquid fuels.
  • Exploration of wells, Gravity and Geomagnetic Surveys, drilling extraction and refinement.

[background=Tier 3[/size]

  • BioTech
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Research & Development
  • Bio Chem