Demonsgate (planet)
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Hot
Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)
Hydrosphere: Arid
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Volcanic plains
Length of Day: 31 standard hours Length of Year. 224 local days
Population: 786,000 (97% human)
Imports: Advanced tech and foodstuffs
Exports: Raw materials, Phrik
Capsule: Contrary to its appearance. this planet possesses a temperate biosphere full of life. The ionized particles that orbit it bleed off into space, throwing off radiation across the spectrum, the visible portion of which falls primarily into the red. orange, and yellow wavelengths. making the debris attracted from the surrounding Rift simulate furious, writhing flames; hence, the planet's nickname: "Demonsgate”. In general, the planet has little surface water; the bulk of Demonsgate's water supply can be found beneath the surface of the planet. Many creatures thrive in that environment, however; an abundance of life forms burrow through the rock strata to the water underneath.
In addition. the planet suffers from extremely violent geologic upheaval. Volcanoes and underground lava flows strike the massive subterranean lakes and rivers, causing massive steam geysers to blast through to the surface.
Major point of interest
Angelsgate Station

The the liberation of Demonsgate left the entire planet in ruins. As the Sith Spawn infestation continued a stable community was needed to combat the scourge and stabilize the region. Silk Holdings combine with Uukaabian MedCorp to provide relief for the citizens of Demonsgate and build Angelsgate station.
Outfitted and run by Uukaabian MedCorp it is a state of the art medical and research facility dedicated to helping the citizens of Demonsgate. As a secondary mission, it serves as an off world trade station where Phrik and other materials are shipped up to the station for sale via a Silk designed skyhook system.
The station itself is a light framed, geostationary orbital platform that housed few dwellings as most who work on the station live planet side and commute to the station via the skyhook. Aside from the medical center contained in the lower rings. It houses an active merchant area, multiple holds for storage, the Purgatory Entertainment District, and an upper-level repair hanger.
Now considered the safest place on or above Demonsgate it is a central point of the rebuilding effort that is still ongoing.

The planetary capital of Demonsgate the industrial city of Brandenburg is the main stationary settlement on Demonsgate. Build on the most stable part of the planet's southern continent it houses most of the world's population as well as many of the factories on the planet its' which produce low to medium tech good and raw materials.
Dust covered streets snake between orangeish brown rockcrete and durasteel buildings. The city itself is devoid of statues, paintings, or anything not necessary for human life. Utilitarian in design those who live on demonsgate have learned what is build on the planet will eventually destroy so most construction planetside is built with this in mind.
The only other population center on Demonsgate is the main Phrik mining facilities located in the northern region. Due to the extreme conditions planet side and the recent outbreaks of Sith Spawn, the people that still call the planet hope have banded together in closely guarded communities that are now ever vigilant for the next outbreak or natural disaster.
Delong Mines

Build in the fiery volcanic planes of the western continent the Delong mines are the very lifeblood of the planet. One of only a few places in the galaxy able to produce the rare mineral known a Phrik this lucrative export is the main revenue source for the beleaguered planet.
Once a grand facility it was destroyed by the careless and ruthless act of its' former owners, the Black Rose. Now new encampments have sprung up consisting of a series of ramshackle structures that float above the magma pools. Each station is a whole owned claim that day and night mines and refines Phirk and other precious / semi precious metals to be packaged and shipped to Brandonburg for processing and sale.
The "Fields of Fire"

The "fields" on the northern continent are an area of extreme volcanic activity. Once home to the early settlements of Demonsgate they are now nothing more than burning ruins of the once great cites of demonsgate.
Among the many former settlements and landmarks that are slowly being consumed by the planet are the twin settlements of Virtue and Trust, an abandoned Uukaabian MedCorp research facility and a place of great mystery known to the locals as Mount of the Black Rose.

The Ancient Wreck

The last point of interest on Demonsgate is a massive shipwreck located on the eastern continent upon the Trembling mountains. Basic research has been done on the vessel and it is believed to be will over four thousand years old.
No link has been made to it and other strange alien phenomena in the region but with the geologic instability of the region, a full scientific study has yet to be completed on the craft to know for sure.