My eyes are heavy. So heavy. My limbs feel like they're laden with concrete. Sith have stepped things up a good bit. They're growing tired of us. Mostly because they seem to be mobilizing for something big. There's a few targets being thrown around by the population. Anaxes is a big one. Carida is another. Alderaan isn't too far behind. You know how rumors are. You can't trust them.
Just like you can't trust anyone, anymore. A shame, that. Even the people fighting alongside you may turn their rifles on you at any moment without warning. What a time we live in. 400 years of surviving a plague for this? I'd have been better off to die all those years ago. But I didn't. Perhaps the Force was guiding me here. I'd like to think it guided me to you.
There's no other explanation really. Ayden was content to stay the course, maintain what we had. Then, suddenly, he was shifting gears, breaking atmo. For some reason he was compelled to approach you and your mercenaries about a deal. And there we were.
There we all were....
The suns come up. I'm not sure how I feel about that. It just makes everything more orange. Just what I need. Rust colored sky.
I'll be leaving soon. Mobilization doesn't bode well. Need to beat them to the punch. This'll be the last letter for awhile; not that I expect them to reach you.