Hello Chaos,

This is a subject I have fought for a very long time now going on 25 years soon. I have said it before I come from the dark ages of Star Wars rpg board rping. There aren't many of us around anymore that can say we started the game back around 1998 when even the internet itself was the wild west. Yet even over those many years one struggle for sure has remained and that is the issue of control.

Control over what you created, faction you run, and what your character's identity is. It can be a tricky issue at times, you want to be the Hero or Villian but you also are writing with others who want the same for there characters. You have to know when to write the loss or fight for the win. Collaboration helps a lot before you write something, but it isn't always possible. Even though that is a form of control when writing it just one of those things that us writers will have to struggle with. There is no full solution to this, collaboration beforehand really helps but it's still going to be an issue from time to time.

There is also the control over a faction. You want it to maintain it's identity and not stray to far from that vision when it's in its final form. Over the years I have ran over a dozen factions or been a part of a faction's leadership. It can be hard to maintain your identity as a faction and give your members the freedom they deserve to do what they want with there characters. You don't want to lose what you are, but you also don't want people to feel like they really aren't apart of the faction. There is no easy solution to this though with a few exceptions I do think Factions on Chaos do this pretty well.

Then there is the worst of the forms of control that go on. People trying to tell you how your characters should act, what they should do, and how they can't do certain things because the other person or faction doesn't like it. Now I am not talking if you obviously broke a rule that's a different situation and isn't what I am talking about. I'm not even talking correcting someone who might have missed something or made a mistake in there post. Or someone who got overzealous and did a bit much in post and you need to tell them to roll it back a bit or to slow their roll. Those are things that happened were you can politely nudge someone down the right route, and we have all probably done those things ourselves needing someone to tell us what was what.

No I am more talking when someone tells you that your character can't betray a person or faction. That your character can't say this or that to another character because they are so and so. When they OOCly correct you for playing your character the way you intended. Sure if you betray every faction you are in your character might grow a stigma around them but that is your choice as the writer. Your characters motivations, goals, personality, and desires are all yours as the writer and absolutely no one has a right to tell you otherwise so long as you aren't breaking rules.

Your Jedi has a weapon that is corrupted and has the potential to corrupt your character that's a great story arc with a ton of potential and avenues. No one should tell you OOC you can't or shouldn't do that because you are a member of a lightside faction. One it has nothing to do with the faction it deals with your character and how it affects them. Two it may not be the other personal choice of story to tell but it isn't there story it's yours. Some people might not like it but again it isn't their story to tell.

That is just one encounter I have had personally and I'm not trying to call out anyone. I have seen this going on a lot lately people telling others how to play their characters when the other person isn't breaking any rules. Getting upset at someone else's IC choices and calling them out OOC for it. Telling people they can't do this or that like betraying a faction or turning against them IC. The simple answer is the absolutely can do those things again if doesn't break the rules. You don't have to like it but you have no control over how a person chooses to play there character with in the rules.

This is something that has made my blood boil since the beginning of rping experience. OOCly you have no say, I am a firm believer of IC actions have IC consequences not OOC ones. If someone betrays you IC punish them IC, put a bounty on them. Don't tell them OOC or punish them OOC for there IC choices. Every time I see it happening and I have seen it happening a lot lately on the Discords mainly it takes a lot for me to bite my tongue and not butt in even though it has been my greatest pet peeve in 25 years.

I was told just about every time I turned around, I couldn't play my second oldest (circa 1999) character Blade Ice as a rebellious sith. Told I had to get in line and play the way others wanted me to play him. Play a straight laced sith that kneels and plays nice with other of his ilk. I did not compromise and refused ask what rules I broke when they said none I would tell them to butt out. Despite what people thought of me OOC I created a character a lot of people still recognize to this day even though I rarely play him now. People like Ket Van-Derveld , Judah Lesan , Caltin Vanagor Caltin Vanagor , @ Ilias Nytrau , and probably many more can tell you I fought tooth and nail to play my characters the way I intended. I have even fought for others who were being told they couldn't do what they wanted with in the confines of the rules at many places.

There is collaboration and then there is trying to control someone else's character or creation because you don't like it. We are all here to write our characters story. You have no say over what anyone else does if they aren't breaking the rules simple as that. You definitely don't have to like what they do IC but ultimately you have no ground to stand on. Just remember though writers IC actions should always have IC consequences it makes a great story.

Have a good day all.

Also normally I am not this serious OOC. I am here to write and have fun.