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There was a time when the turmoil of the Galaxy necessitated that various sovereign nations band together in order to mutually defend against foreign threats. During that time, the Confederacy enjoyed the friendship of various groups of a multitude of backgrounds, belief systems, and political identities. While we still appreciate and respect that diversity, the Southern Systems have entered into a new paradigm.​
During these years of prosperity and growth, the Confederacy has seen an overextension of its assets on foreign soil. In light of certain events that have caused the Office of the Vicelord to reassess the allocation of military force, the swift and immediate recall of troops and ships has been effected. Allegiances that once stood have been checked and balanced, affirming that our stance of neutrality remains intact. Nations that previously enjoyed friendship will remain in good graces with the Confederacy until such a time as action deems otherwise necessary.​
In order to expedite the positive effects of the Confederacy First initiative, the Office of the Vicelord (henceforth referred to as OV) issues the following Mandates:​
  1. Census of existing Confederate citizenship, and tallying of foreign nationals within CIS space.
  2. Deportation or legalization of said foreign nationals.
  3. Requisite of authorization to operate within CIS space will henceforth be required of all Spacers. Illegal movement will be treated as zero tolerance.
  4. Tariffs to be levied on all imported goods. This will serve to retain revenue within borders instead of bleeding it outward.
  5. Taxes to be levied on foreign assets, to decrease reliance.
  6. Conditional tax breaks will be available to citizens who choose to operate solely within Confederate borders, to give incentive for trade between sovereign worlds.
  7. Border security tightening measures to be effected by CDF.
Taxes and tariffs created under these Mandates will be used to help fund the CDF efforts to fortify our defense internally.​
The OV thanks you for your support in this period of adjustment, and will continue to examine the effects of these mandates on the Economy for your benefit.​