Lately, a lot of you have heard the term "CIS First floating around. There's a lot of talk about it, a lot of notions or guesses about what it is, and some questions, concerns, and doubts surrounding it.

I'm your friendly neighborhood Alkyholic, and CIS admin here to address these things. At the end, if there are any questions you're free to leave them. Please keep it civil!

I. What it IS.

Confederacy First is a story driven narrative intended to kickstart new and exciting roleplay within the Confederacy, and possibly outside via the ripple effect. If your character or faction has found a jump off point from this narrative, we've done exactly what we wanted to do. The vision of our staff team is to encourage and foster roleplay for everyone, but primarily, to put our membership first.

That leads us to

II. What it is NOT:

CIS First is not a doctrine of exclusion, at any level. We ENCOURAGE you to reach out to us and reap the benefits of our new approach.


"Why do you not" or "Why won't you" roleplay X?

CIS First is all about our members. At the end of the day, we can lead them and make decisions, but we want to give them a place where they can write what they want. I can absolutely guarantee that if you come to us with a story, you will be heard.

What I cannot guarantee is that our members will want to write your story. It's not a matter of exclusivity, nor do we want to drive you away; but if we start to do things our user base doesn't like, what does that say about us?

"Are you open to non-Faction RP?"

Yes. Hit us up. We want to hear your ideas.

"Is this a petty ooc thing?"

No. CIS First is exclusively IN CHARACTER.

Thanks everyone for your time!