While the Balmorran Arms majority shareholder is a high ranking member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, his personal effects are not inherently tied to the Company and as such, the new taxes incurred on his owned shares are his own burden to bear.

With that in mind, Balmorran is not Headquartered within CIS territory, nor do we work exclusively with the Confederacy. We will be accepting orders from anyone and everyone without prejudice in these new and uncertain times. I cannot comment on Mr. Centaris' line of thought or his reasonings for his actions, but the tariffs he has raised severely dampen the business we once did within the Confederacy.

Save for a few contacts made here and there, we are largely focusing our time and effort in other markets Galaxy wide and seeking to grow and expand back to the preeminence we once held.

-Illyns Phaygus, Spokesperson and Lead Engineer for Balmorran Arms