Day 5: Myrkrr

Something is happening to me. I didn't notice while I was on the palnet, but today the Sith called me and Alexandra into an invasion on Alderaan. I suppose thats something I should talk about so I might as well before I continue. In short, it was terrible. The sith were victorious and I never saw any of us die. However, I did watch an ithorian Jedi fall in battle. Whats worse, I had a hand in it. I know I pledged my allegiance to the sith, but it still doesn't sit well with me when one of my old order dies as he did. His name was Boolon murr and he was a personal friend of miss Cinthra. Currently, she seems very distressed though I've tried to comfort her. Suppose that means I can trust her and maybe some time soon I'll tell her whats going on. Just not yet.

Now, as for whatever's happening to me, I didn't notice while I was here on Myrkrr as I had previously mentioned. However, while I was on Alderaan, I noticed that I was stronger than ever before. Both with my strength and my senses. I need too figure out whats going on here. Maybe when I leave the sith I'll ask Zarro if he knows anything.

Finally, I'll get down to the main purpose of this holo-journal. My search has had a breakthrough, early I know but very fortunate. I found the general location of the organization's home planet. Though I'm far from pinpointing it exactly, I can say that its somewhere around Sernpidal. Likely in that giant area in space where there are no other planets. With this, I think its safe to assume that this order wasn't human or any other species that's well known to the galaxy, but something that I've never even heard of.

That's all for this entry. Hopefully, I'll have more in my next report.