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Affiliation: Planet of Tabaqui , Silver Sanctum
Manufacturer: Salacia Consolidated, Arceneau Trade
Model: Celestia Station
Modularity: None
Production: Unique, only one manufactured for the planet/faction.
Material: Durasteel, Glasteel . Various electrical components
Classification: Space Station
Length: 3,000 Meters
Width: 4,000 Meters [ Widest circle point to widest circle point ]
Height: 4,000 Meters
Armament: Rating of 5, Light Defensive Weapons
Hangar: 2 Squadrons, Celestia Defensive Corps. In addition to the hangar, Celestia Station also provides numerous places for ships of all shapes and sizes to safely dock.
Special Features:
  • Business Center : Celestia Station offers a large trade center for any who wish to conduct business in the area. The center holds an array of conference rooms, communication banks/modules, and office space. Businesses are free to convert offices into showrooms or demo centers, depending on their clients and products.
  • Housing : With the native population of Tabaqui wanting to keep their planet unspoiled with minimum blight, Celestia Station also acts as housing to off-worlders ans visitors. Apartments are house in two of the outlying circles, with each unit having a view of the glittering jewel that is Tabaqui. Housing varies from studio apartments to luxurious penthouses, depending on the rent the sentient is willing to pay.
  • Gardens : In addition to help keeping the station going with a fresh supply of food, the gardens also provide a place of rest and reflection. Often an excellent place to head to when one is feeling a bit of cabin fever while aboard the station.
  • Viewing platform : Walls of glasteel open up to reveal the planet of Tabaqui and surrounding inky black of space. Benches and chairs are scattered throughout this area, allowing guests and residents to linger.
  • Entertainment District : Found in the remaining circle, the Entertainment District is varied. Lounges and bars dot the scene, along with a number of restaurants catering to various tastes. A large Holotheater can be found playing holofilms that range from slightly out of date to ancient. A public smashball court and fitness gym can also be found within this district.
  • Government Offices : Located in the main 'needle' or spire of the station. Allows the local government to have a place to meet guests and off-worlders. Contains the only communication equipment the planetary government owns, allowing the offices to also serve as a news hub for Sanctum on-goings as well.
  • Control Room / Security : The command center of Celestia Station. The heartbeat of keeping the station alive. Security forces also use this area as their main staging area.

Maneuverability: 20
Speed Rating: 20
Hyperdrive Class: 10

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Description: Celestia Station came about as a solution to prevent overpopulation on the planet of Tabaqui. When the Levantine Sanctum discovered the planet, many locals were concerned about upsetting their way of life. Being rustic for so long, most were resistant to change. Corporations like Salacia Consolidated, Arceneau Trade, and Firemane Industries were looking to expand, placing warehouses and manufacturing centers on the planet. This gives many companies and space travelers an opportunity to have a touch of modern technology.
Celestia Station can hold a maximum of two and half million sentients a once. Most living on the station work for the major corporations within the SIlver Sanctum. It also serves as a way point for those traveling in the area, as there isn't much in the local system to be found.
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Intent: To canonize Celestia Station into SWRP Lore. In addition, it would add a layer of depth to Tabaqui while providing an addition space to roleplay for all on the board.
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