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Intent: To provide a brick-like product that resists extreme heat, such as that from lava or extreme environments.
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Manufacturer: Salacia Consolidated , Sub-Contractors of Salacia Consolidated
Model: Ahi Fused Brick
Affiliation: Open Market
Modularity: None
Production: Production[background=: Mass Produced[/size]
Material: Reinforced carbon-carbon[carbon fiber],Silica glass fibers [quartz sand]
Description: Ahi Fused Bricks measure 200mm X 100mm and are made from turning quartz sand into silica glass fibers. This makes the Ahi Brick extremely light weight with the ability to remain cool to the touch, even when exposed to high heat situations. Coated with reinforced carbon-carbon, this allows the brick to protect other surfaces from thermal shock, as well as providing a bit of stability to the silica glass fibers. Due to the nature of the Ahi Bricks, they are extremely fragile. Hitting the brick or a violent earthquake could compromise the system. In environments of an unstable nature, Ahi Bricks are recommended to be stacked two to three deep for safety sake, especially if lives at at risk.
Additionally, Ahi Fused Bricks have no structural purpose. Since they are fragile, the bricks are best used as a type of skin or facade over structural support walls. Too much pressure on the brick system could cause heat to leak through to the structural support walls. However, due to their cool to the touch nature, the structural walls can be of nearly any sturdy material. This reduces the risk of fire to the support structure.
Ahi Fused Bricks can withstand temperatures up 1260*C. Any higher and the bricks will start to fail.

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