I hope this message finds you well.

It is easy to stand upon a pedestal of morality and cast down judgement on the same ones you murder indiscriminately. I know how it feels, I truly do. But the certainty of your position blinds you to the greater truth that should guide your actions.

You are right in claiming the Bryn’adûl are a serious threat to trillions. They reap life wherever they go, leave countless in misery and ruin. Yet, the Sith Empire, too, has committed and still commits these very same atrocities. For more than a decade they have crushed lives under their boot, bread cultures devoid of empathy and compassion, and exterminated any dissident without a second thought, all for the sake of their own power.

But what point is there in comparing two evils? Wickedness will do wickedness, no matter the method it employs. All this moralistic utilitarianism has amounted to are the deaths of those who would stand against evil, with you.

The reality is, the Jedi who are willing to fight cannot stand against both threats at once. We are too few in number. We do what we can to quell these threats, but at the end of the day we can only make one our priority, and we have made our choice. Whatever its consequences, no matter the moral correctness of it, we have to live with that and ensure we do our best to right what wrongs it brings about. We are not chained by honour, but by duty. Duty to all living beings and to the Force. It is not an easy ordeal, but it is one we are obligated to undertake.

History has taught us that any evil, left unchecked, will spread and corrupt the hearts of good beings, galaxy-wide.

I believe it has spread to yours.

I implore you to rethink your methods, Laertia Io. Do not raise your blade against fellow bearers of the light. Direct it upon those who set out to do wicked deeds, as I direct my blade against them now. It is only together, in defence of the good, that we can overcome that which plagues us all.

Please consider this before you next face a Jedi in battle.


A humble follower of the Light