The galaxy has been hoodwinked.
It is no secret that the imperial propaganda machine has been hard at work over the past few years, and the effects are easy enough to see. Because of this, many citizens have been fooled into thinking imperial rule is a good thing for them; that having their freedoms taken away by the system is a means of protecting their people. I have seen civilians turn on Jedi Knights because the Sith have convinced them to believe an attractive lie: that the Sith Order aims to bring stability.
Ironic, considering that peace and stability are antithesis to the Sith Code.
In recent memory, the order of the Sith Lords has wreaked havoc upon the galaxy. Given the list of atrocities is too high to count, I will list some of the more pointed examples.

1. The genocide of the Togorian people under the Sith Empire's jurisdiction during their previous time in power.
2. The sinking of Ahto City into the depths of Manaan, resulting in several thousand civilian casualties.
3. The mass devastation of Atrisia due to a Force Storm summoned by Sith Lords.
4. The One Sith's vongforming of the world of Alderaan, distorting the balance of life and resulting in the displacement and deaths of millions.
5. The mass crusade of aggression perpetuated by the One Sith, the Sith Empire's point of origin. Many leaders of the One Sith are considered individuals of high standing within the Sith Empire. Their deeds are not forgotten simply because they fled the core. The death count for these crusades lies somewhere in the millions, though so many were lost during the war that an exact number is impossible to ascertain.

These are all events that have happened within recent memory, not to account for the several thousand years of history that detail the Sith Order's innumerable crimes against sentient life. To put it rather simply, those of you that believe you are doing the right thing helping mass murderers, rapists, terrorists, and liars because they've smiled at you and promised you safety are fooling yourselves. Even if the Sith were to achieve full control over the galaxy, you would not have peace. It is the way of the Dark Side to turn upon itself: this glorious empire they claim to build will tear itself apart as it always has.
The only reason they're ever allowed to return is because we let them. When good men and women manage to drive the forces of darkness to the brink, they refrain from making the final push. We have always removed them from power, destroyed their constructs, and assumed they would fade into obscurity. Then, be it five or ten years later, we've another galactic threat on our hands.
It's time to end that cycle. A pendulum always returns to its point of origin, and that pendulum has begun to swing once again. This time, when it reaches its final arc, we must break it, lest they return again for our children to deal with after we're all gone.
I would close here, but there's another issue that needs tackling.
That of 'True Jedi'.
Too long have I heard the Sith decrying Jedi Knights for defending the free peoples of the galaxy. Too long have I heard people that have never taken the time to speak with one of us defame our character because their Sith friends have told them we are wrong in ours ways. I will tell you now that those who do not walk the Jedi path, do not know what a true Jedi is. You cannot understand the challenges we face if you have never attempted to see things from our point of view.
I often hear that Jedi should not fight. I hear that we are to be pacifists, sitting in our temples wearing robes and spending our days communing with the force. In times of peace, that is what a Jedi Knight is. We, however, have never known peace. Our generation has never known a time when we were not in conflict with the Sith or their allies. Any brief period of clarity we might have is swiftly shattered by a threat previously unseen. The challenges we've faced shattered the very core of the order, another tragedy we can attribute to the Sith and their infiltration of our highest ranks.
The Jedi of today are a loose and unorganized bunch doing whatever we can to help the galaxy. There is no singular code that unites us, save for our united desire to protect natural life. In times such as these, when the galaxy has fallen mostly to corruption, and tyrants murder thousands, it is only natural that we have become warriors.
To my friends and allies with doubts about their path, know that you are not alone. We will resist the Dark Side in all its forms whenever it is encountered. We do not enforce rule upon people. We do not harm civilians. We do not burn worlds. Our purpose is to protect the people, and give them the choice to live their lives however they see fit. The Sith want to control it all, to make sure everything moves according to their designs. That is what sets us apart.
If you do not believe in the corrupting influence of the Dark Side, if you do not believe that the Sith are truly evil though they may not see their own faults, then at the very least fight for your own freedom. Do not submit to the rule of a foreign power that would see your family indebted to it for generations to come. Do not waste your life serving an emperor that would just as soon have you hung by your entrails for his own entertainment.
The lines of morality are obvious here. There is not a gray area. The Sith Empire is evil, its allies misguided and tricked into serving its ends, and the Light will rise to destroy it. When that eventuality does come to pass, would you rather be living a free citizen in a realm that supports you in all your endeavors, or a monster being held on trial for crimes against sentient life for the galaxy to see?
That is a question those within the Sith Empire will have to answer for themselves.