04 Open: Y/N?

Personal Report 03

I called for volunteers today.
It's been over a year since I've fought anything beyond pirates. I admit to some anxiety over facing the Sith once again, as things tend to go badly whenever they're involved. Anxiety aside, Jaminere needs our help. We've heard of an independent rebel cell inciting resistance against the Sith's advance - I'd be remiss if we let them fight alone.
I only wish we had more time. The fleet isn't ready yet, and the majority of our soldiers are still undergoing the training process. Because of this, I've elected to send a small team rather than a full relief force. I believe that this team will be able to accomplish more than a standard military unit could given the situation. We'll be leaving tomorrow, and hopefully we'll be returning within the week. If not, the rest of the Rebel Alliance has been instructed to leave Jaminere behind. If we can't help the rebels there succeed, then mounting a rescue mission is only going to waste more lives.
Above all else, I am confident. I have faith in our cause, and I trust my men. This is our chance to prove ourselves to the galaxy, and should we fail here, we'll just rise up again. The Sith might have us beaten by way of arms, but they will never have our heart. We know what it means to give it all to a cause, and that willingness to sacrifice is what will see us to victory in the end. Even if the Sith Empire controls the entire galaxy, it will never know the peace..
I need to go host this briefing now. Should I perish on Jaminere, I leave all of my holdings to Alyson Halle. She'll keep up the fight.