It is no secret that death may come to any man at any time. He whom is not prepared for such an eventuality will often damn his allies in the process.
I have always prided myself on my eye for the future, and I would make for a particularly weak leader if I ignored the prospect of my own demise. It is because of this prospect that I record my knowledge in this journal. Should I perish, my successor will know of all that I have done.
I know what has been asked of me since my birth. There were to be other sons; brothers that I could rely upon should I have the need. None survived, and so I have taken this Dominion upon my shoulders alone. Though I remain true to the greater purpose of my existence, I do not pretend that I do not suffer the same vanity of righteousness that has fueled the actions of my predecessors. I can only hope when we will be assessed by future generations, it shall be with the knowledge that these were the darkest times we had ever known. If it seems through hindsight that we acted through selfishness, I can only say that we were beset by a foe the likes of which we had not only never faced, but never contemplated facing.
Do not judge me. I am above your judgement, even as I am above your forgiveness.

- Cedric Grayson, 1 ABA

The Arch Enemy and The Dominion's Purpose
The Arch Enemy is a foe few truly know; it is a force beyond petty mortal tendencies. It desires nothing less than the total annihilation of the veil that separates the physical and the ethereal; the malignant forces it lords over seek only to bring eternal chaos. They are not beings born naturally, but rather creatures formed within the womb of undeath. They hail from the realm of the beyond: the Netherworld.
We call these beings the Arch Enemy in totality for they have no true names. They rarely found their way into this plane of existence prior to a happening known simply as 'The Netherworld Event.' During this time, a being of immense power calling itself Akala wrought havoc upon the galaxy. The veil was torn, but it remained.
Years have passed since that happening, and the fragile walls between this reality and that of the death-plane have eroded over time. I have heard tales of new gates into the afterlife being ripped apart on worlds across the galaxy, the most notable of the more recent happenings being on Ruusan.
Through every tear, the Arch Enemy grows ever more powerful. With every death, the beings of the beyond feed. They know little of coherent thought; they are are beasts of instinct. My forebears fought them directly a number of times, and bore witness to the terrible powers at their command. These creature were born from the spirits of the dead; they are the army of the damned that the old stories foretell of.
Few know of their existence. Most write them off as simple stories. Others would prefer to fight over territory and the sake of ideology, ignoring the threat that lingers just beyond the veil.
There are portals that lead to the afterlife actively open across the galaxy, and the force is out of balance in a way that has never been recorded previously. We send our armies to massacre one another across the stars for the sake of territory and religion, all the while feeding this beast growing beneath our very feet.
This legion of hell gathers in the beyond. With their coming, the very stars themselves will shake in terror. Jedi, Sith, Republic, Empire - none of it will matter when the Arch Enemy comes. If we are divided by these lines of theology and governance, then they truly will consume us all.
It is for this reason that the Dominion was forged. Many believe us to be yet another rump state scrambling for our own section of the galaxy. They see our unity of Jedi and Sith, of Light and Dark as heresy. They scoff at the idea of men in imperial uniforms protecting senators, or Mandalorians serving a cause greater than their own self-aggrandizement in the eyes of their gods.
We pity those that look upon us with arrogance in their hearts. We crush those that would dare take up arms against us. We enlighten those with an open-mind. We are both a shield for peace and a sword of conquest. We are the legion of the light, the depth of the sun, the army of darkness, the amalgamation of it all, and we have come together for two things.
We wish for the safety of our kin; the preservation of the lives around us. Some only care for their own life, and that serves those folk better than forced altruism. We came together because we have seen the future; a galaxy swathed in the smothering grasp of unreality. We have seen the death of stars and the choking of worlds. We have heard the laughter of gods birthed from our own actions. We have seen the futility of these empires that call themselves republics; these inept powers and the ineffectual dogma they cling to.
The Dominion is a place of acceptance and tolerance. We have seen the light of the ultimate truth, and we know what comes to devour this galaxy. Our people have chosen to stay and fight this dark future rather than flee. The Arch Enemy is our ultimate focus; the empires seeking to swallow us are simply a trial. These mortal foes must be conquered, so that we may truly focus our efforts upon the Arch Enemy when its legions finally march.
The mistakes of the past will not be repeated. This galaxy shall not burn.

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