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NAME: Zuzukenai
RANK: Padawan
AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 6'4”
WEIGHT: 210 lbs
EYES: Green
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Pale


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Zuke was trained from a young boy as a monk in a martial arts based non-theistic religion. They believed that perfection of the body was paramount, and all other pursuits were trivial. As such:

Zuke is an exceptional hand to hand fighter, even without the use of force abilities. He was the star pupil in a 'dojo' of over 350 of his peers before his force sensitivity presented itself fully.

Zuke meditates not through calm contemplation, but through rigorous exercise. He is at the peak of physical fitness because of this.

Zuke spent his entire life perfecting his skills as a fighter before being taken to train as a Jedi. As such he has no formal education at all, and has neglected to engage intellectual pursuits even now given the option to do so.

Zuke has spent no time whatsoever with technology. The test for a jedi to construct their own sabre has proven the most difficult for Zuke to confront and has spent the last year outright avoiding it in favor of perfecting the fusion of his martial training and force training into a deadly and effective form of combat.

Hand to hand combat master
Peak human physical condition
Force based martial arts techniques
Technologically illiterate
Unable to understand all but the most basic mathematic and scientific principles unless they directly pertain to combat tactics or principles. Even these were learned with great effort and frustration.


Zuke was born the son of an underprivileged family unable to care for him. At the age of only 13 weeks he was left at a monastery to be cared for. The institution took in lost and unwanted children and taught them and any willing to join the fold the ways of the ultimate hand to hand warriors. Training in these ways began at the age of 5 years old. The entire age group would be left in a room and the doors closed. The children were fed when they had fought until one child stood the victor. If they did not fight, the did not eat. Those that fought and lost were treated for injury and fed, then placed back 'in the ring.' At the age of 10, after 5 years learning to brawl without formal training they were deemed old enough, and desperate to win enough, to train with a master and absorb the teachings readily. By the time children reached 15 they were masters of hand to hand combat in almost all known forms. Pupils could and did beat master challengers from far away worlds as if they were fighting drunken bar brawlers. All of this was to prepare them for the institutions main source of income, 50 person free for all cage matches with charged admission. The practice was a recent one, started only 12 years before Zuke had been left on the doorstep. It quickly grew in fame, and as it did so too did those that submitted to the teachings and those that traveled to see the spectacle. All fighters were held to an honor code to not kill one of their own. This did not prevent serious injuries, however, and it was not uncommon for the juveniles to have spent more time in a bacta tank than in a cot sleeping between the ages of 15 and 21. At 21 years old, they were declared masters and allowed to take a pupil from the children being raised.

Zuke was 16 when he was the center of a scandal involving what was supposed to be a rigged fight. One of the other juveniles, an underdog with odds that could turn 100 credits into a fortune was given a cocktail of stimulants, reflex enhancers, and amphetamines. He singlehandedly took down 25 opponents in a fit of rage, severely injuring 17 and outright killing 8 until he reached Zuke. The fight between them raged for 45 seconds as they blocked and struck at speeds barely caught on the holovids of the fight. In one last strike, Zuke unleashed a power he didn't know he possessed and force pushed the raging fighter against the wall. The force of impact was so great that later autopsy reports indicated he had died instantly and shattered 6 vertebrae.

In disgrace, Zuke was thrown out of the dojo. In part because he had broken the honor code, and equally because the once religious but now corporate institution saw no place for a force adept in a reputable martial arts arena. Zuke found the jedi, and has begun training anew to hone and control his power. He retains the now abandoned teachings of his order, working tirelessly to make his body, fighting skills, and newfound force powers perfect.





Gosh I hope my track record is better than that. Would have used Goku, but didn't want everyone to assume I was god moding.