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Approved Location Yum Bunnies - Zeltros

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Kiki Katarn

Yum Bunnies Girl
Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined!


  • Intent: Expanding Yum Bunnies Locations Across the 'verse
  • Image Credit: here
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: Yum Bunnies


  • Structure Name: Yum Bunnies Restaurant
  • Classification: Restuarant & Bar
  • Location: Zeltros, Northern and Southern Provinces
  • Affiliation: Yum Bunnies | Arceneau Trade Company
  • Accessibility: A common sight across every Southern Systems Business Bazaar, Arceneau Trade Company location, and various independent diner establishments across the galaxy.
  • Security: Average security as a typical restaurant. May have the occasional paddle beamer or two along with two large Herglic Bouncers.


The restaurant itself provides a great atmosphere, with a sleek design that reminds one of home. All Yum Bunnies Restaurants are exactly same on the inside save for basic layout. The tables are similar, the bar has the same alcohol, and the menu of each and every single restaurant is exactly the same. This is to ensure a comfortable environment for customers who are always on the go and in need of something that's more stable in their fast-paced lives. To ensure that each Yum Bunnies maintains the same standards there are inspections of the restaurant grounds each month, as such, it must be assured that the stores are kept clean, working efficiently, and most of all remain friendly.

The menu of each Yum Bunnies is the same as the next. Though not the most expensive or fancy food, Yum Bunnies remains a powerful tradition of flavor and quality. When you order a meal at a Yum Bunnies, you are guaranteed the same great flavor as you would get in the next one you go to. Though the menu is often updated and added to, there are some staples that remain a constant at each and every Yum Bunnies. A few of these are the Spicy Hot Bantha Bites, the Nexu Nuggets, and of course the Flaming Hot Titavian Wings(not made from actual Titavians). Though these are just a few menu options, Yum Bunnies ensures that all of its items are both delicious and affordable.

The atmosphere within each Restaurant is carefully maintained by the waitstaff of Yum Bunnies. It is, of course, this atmosphere that is the true draw of the Restaurants, and it is assured that each Yum Bunnies maintains the same friendly and welcoming environment. Each waitress at Yum Bunnies is carefully trained and selected, taught how to be flirtatious and coy to maximize the experience of each and every customer. The uniforms at Yum Bunnies are specifically designed to aid in this task, from the black Lepi tailed short shorts all the way up to the black floppy ears that sit atop their head.

It should be noted that the waitresses at Yum Bunnies are never too friendly, the girls know there is a clear line, and any fraternization that is inspired purely happens because of the rare charming of the customer.

  • The Sports Bar: Being on Zeltros means that things can get a little interesting at the sports bar. Sometimes the Yum Bunnies Girls may be known to sing in mass on the bar on open mic karaoke night. Massive floating holoscreens provide a venue for patrons to watch ongoing boloball, shock boxing, or galactic sports events. Come sit right at the bar and enjoy your favorite drink and nom on Yum Bunnies Galactic famous Spicy Nuna Wings!
  • The common dining room: The same delightfully tacky and rambunctious atmosphere quieter atmosphere with booth seating and holographic menus. Table top games can be played including dejarik, sabaac, and trivia for patrons to enjoy.
  • Outside patio dining area: If you rather enjoy the open air, the outdoor patio areas offer heated lamps, open air, and a delightful view of the Corsucant Skyline.

Yum Bunnies is a franchise restaurant created and branched out to provide good food, great environment, and employment opportunities. In accordance with that species' reputation, Zeltros was known as a luxury world, where many went to vacation, owing to the planet's abundance of pleasurable facilities ranging from amusement parks to theatres, nightclubs, and much more. There was almost always a planet-wide party occurring, and even when it wasn't, the Zeltrons were looking for a reason to throw one.

Thus, a perfect place for expansion of Yum Bunnies into the well-known party world!

The Zeltros locations are located close to the space port and provide an easy and familiar menu to the various patrons it serves. Being on Zeltros, the Yum Bunny Girls have been known to be a little lax on flirting with the patrons and their coworkers. The planet of love and passions certainly doesn't stop at the door when Yum Bunny Girls are happy to make you feel at home and serve you up a great meal.
All and all, although Yum Bunnies Restaurants are an up and coming sight and one that is quickly gaining traction all over the galaxy. The comfort that the environment of the restaurant brings to smugglers and spacers alike gives it a sense of homeliness, and the friendly waitresses and good food are only a bonus to travelers that often stop at the house of Arceneau Trade Stations.
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