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You're Invited (to a Murder)

skin, bone, and arrogance
This will be a social (sort of) themed Dominion.​
If that isn't your thing, another Dominion will​
be taking place concurrently. Don't feel like you​
must participate in this Dominion if you'd rather​
do something more combat-oriented.​
1. [member="Rolf Amsel"]​
2. [member="Irajah Ven"]​
3. [member="Natasi Fortan"]​
4. [member="Lydia Finn-Camden"]​
5. [member="Torian Pierce"]​
6. [member="Valessia Brentioch"]​
7. [member="Jude Falkrowe"]​
8. [member="Suravi Teigra"]​
9. [member="Ara Ren"]​
10. [member="Kaalia Voldaren"]​
11. [member="Mishel Ren"]​
12. [member="Jaron Lesan"]​
NOTE: I'll add more numbers if more people sign up. There is no maximum limit!​

Mishel Kryze

[member="Kaalia Voldaren"] | [member="Ara Ren"]

Murder babies!

[member="Natasi Fortan"]

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